How to watch Microsoft's Xbox Briefing at E3 2015

Everything you need to know about Microsoft at E3 2015.

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bananaboats896d ago

gonna have to stay away from this site on Monday till I get home and watch this

Pogmathoin896d ago

I'll be happy to get bullet points while I am at work, then watch it all at home later.....

mark134uk895d ago

ive heard that you can watch the briefing using the oculus rift but you have to sit on your sofa and the vr will be you sitting on a sofa watching a tv :p

bananaboats895d ago

*slow clap* tried atleast

Toiletsteak896d ago

Really looking forward to this, Microsoft have said Quantum Break, Crackdown and Scalebound won't be at this years E3 so it makes me think Microsoft have some awesome stuff to show off.

Chevalier896d ago

Shouxld be exciting go watch.

green896d ago

I am concerned, disapointed but excited at the same time.

Disapointed because i was really excited to see gameplay footage of Crackdown and especially Scalebound, because i was hoping that we would get a release date soon. But if their GDC presence means that they will release before e3 next year, then that i will be okay with.

Excited because, i really looking forward to seeing what surprises they might have to show us.

Concerned becuase i hope that they will not show us new stuff that is two years away and with CHI footage.

WeAreLegion896d ago

I'll be at work. :/ Going to have to catch a live blog.

RomanPSX896d ago will cover it all.

Iceball2000895d ago

Will gametrailers be doing anything this year, if not I think I'll be at ign or YouTube E3 channel

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