Dragon's Crown - the best action RPG you've never played from £16.75

Dealspwn: Towards the end of a console generation, it's all too easy for the odd classic to go by unnoticed by the masses as the shiny next-gen flash their wares. So, we'll forgive you if you missed out on Dragon's Crown first time around. We've dug out a few cheap deals as the price has come down recently.

Dragon's Crown is the sort of game you've been waiting for since the Mega Drive. A compelling side-scrolling fantasy beat em' up, that works in multiplayer or solo and can be played for hours on end thanks to the RPG components and never-ending loot. Be sure to check out our full review which goes into detail about the differences between the console and handheld versions.

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G3n3raL861230d ago

Great game, it takes a little bit to kick in, but it's worth a lot:)

ZaWarudo1230d ago

It's an awesome game. Anyone who wants a good beat 'em up with loot and replay value should definitely pick this up.

vongruetz1229d ago

This game has insane replay value. Between all the characters you can play as, along with all the levels, it's almost as if the game never ends.