Metal Gear Solid 5 could be the beautiful end of an era | VideoGamer

VideoGamer: "It's a pleasure to play MGS5. Not just in terms of controlling the game itself, although that is a delight, a rare mix of technical and artistic excellence, a genuinely odd game of the like we may not see again for some time."

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PizzaSteve1284d ago

The last good MGS game. Anything after this I won't except without MR. KOJIMA.

Xman2K1284d ago

Yeah, I think I'm done with gaming after this, no franchises left that offer the japanese developer flair that I grew up and loved. Only nba and hopefully a nonEA NFL games for me

kranker1284d ago

Have you played a miyazaki game?

bnoyes1284d ago

A MGS game with good controls? It truly is the end of an era.

MisfitsInc1284d ago

i honestly hope this is the last Metal Gear game. it's my favorite game series EVER but since this brings the story all the way around, there is no reason to have another one.

Gwiz1284d ago

it's not like ALL MGS titles were really that great.
Still think MGS on PSX had the most impact of all of them.

SnotyTheRocket1284d ago

mgs1 2 3 4 peace walker, all great.