Naughty Dog Devs Teasing More Uncharted 4 MP; Uncharted 4 To Introduce Dual Wield?

Naughty Dog devs Robert Cogburn and Todd Foster have been playing and teasing more Uncharted 4 multiplayer. Based on the Tweets from the duo, dual wielding might well be introduced in Uncharted 4.

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bixxel1160d ago

Wow. The're really trying innovation.

BartMoons1160d ago

If dual wielding is in fact introduced that would be a warm welcome - but I won;t call it innovation though.

Rimeskeem1160d ago

I'm guessing that dual wielding will have a setback to it especially if it's with bigger guns, maybe you won't be able to climb or something as well as bad aiming

Toiletsteak1160d ago

Lol are you serious?? Duel wielding isn't anything new.

bixxel1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I wasn't serious!!!
I was just... never mind. I hope that one day people know how to differentiate between sarcasm and honest opinions.

SaveFerris1160d ago

After all this time, Drake finally learned to use two guns at once?

PlayableGamez1160d ago

Are you referring to dual-wielding as innovation?
That is not innovation.
That is something that has been done since the dawn of shooters.

bixxel1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I was being sarcastic. Anyway, dual weilding isn't innovation unless Naughty dog can seriously modfy this age old mechanic to someting special. In real life, dual weilding isn't as advantageous as one may think. It reduces aiming, accuracy, movement etc.

Abnor_Mal1159d ago

@bixxel - as soon as I saw ur post i knew it was scarcasm. What else could it be, after all we all know that dual weilding is not some thing new and revolutionary. I dont know why everyone suddenly got bent out of shape.

Horny1160d ago

Umm guys, he's being sarcastic.

die_fiend1160d ago

Wow, finally someone seemed to get it. Poor sense of humour by the guys above!

But this doesn't even imply dual-wielding at all, it just suggests he's using 2 things in a game, which could be rocket launcher and AK.

BattleAxe1159d ago

Looks like they're building even further on the Call of Duty influence that we witnessed in Uncharted 3s multiplayer.

objdadon1159d ago

It's nothing new but a lot of big time games don't do it anymore.

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THC CELL1160d ago

Wonder if they are gonna have a Vr mini game. Anyone got any ideas for that

Eonjay1160d ago

Okay so if they are playing the MP already, then it must be launching with the Uncharted Collection.

BartMoons1160d ago

Access to the Uncharted 4 MP Beta is included with the Nathan Drake Collection

Sora_19941160d ago

no i think he means its a conformation its launching with the beta and not coming after

zsquaresoff1160d ago

It makes sense to remove the multiplayer from the nathan drake collection.

Because clearly, the multiplayer in Uc4 will be an overall improvement over the previous multiplayer in Uc2 and 3.

-Foxtrot1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

It makes no sense. This is probaly going to continue and add onto what they did with Uncharted 3 something old school Uncharted 2 players didn't like.

The Collection could have been home to old school players

Uncharted 4 to those who like all those gimmicks

Everyone wins

ginsunuva1160d ago

It would:

1. Require more money and servers to keep MP running

2. Fragment the fanbase into 3 MP games rather than funneling them all into U4 for maximum player audience.

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lolosgolos1160d ago

Lara's climbing and now dual wielding. I can imagine Drake holding two pistols Lol

scark921160d ago

Lara Croft was duel wielding even before I locked the butler in the freezer!

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