Konami Beats EA to UEFA License; No Champions League in FIFA 16

Despite suggestions 2015 may finally be the year EA are able to implement the UEFA Champions League into their annual FIFA series, Konami have once again secured the exclusive rights to Europe's greatest club competitions for Pro Evolution Soccer.

PES 2016 will once again feature the aforementioned Champions League, plus the Europa League and UEFA Super Cup, and the new licensing deal will also cover PES 2017 and PES 2018.

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pompombrum1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Who's Konami?

ssj271200d ago

Konami is a video games comany that has some of the best most authentic IPs .. a company who give a lot of freedom and power to kojima but for some reason nobody knows they took it away.. maybe kojimas forgot who is the boss, the guy thinks he is a super start after all power corrupts most peoples minds.

I believe PES only reason on wining every UEFA licences over EA is because EA Has Fifa on their name and UEFA dislikes Fifa. Because I'm sure EA offers them a lot more money.
I'm thinking it could be because Uefa knows PES is a more authentic game and they rather be part of a better game but that is hard to believe. UEFA was against Fifa is easier to believe and most likely the actual reason.

dreamoner1200d ago

What an imagination.

Konami won cos of giving more money. And this was something they had to keep cos EA already have most of the domestic leagues exclusively, UEFA CL/Cup/Super CUp is the only thing goıng for konami license wise.

Anyway, both crap games this genre evolves slower than FPS games

Mikeyy1200d ago

"Gave all the power to kojima"

Yeah as long as it was a metal gear game. Heaven forbid the guy wants to make something else every once in a while...

fattyuk1200d ago

And this means what exactly??

hkgamer1200d ago

I thought PES had champions league license since the early PS3 days?

asmith23061200d ago

They have. It's just that EA tried to get the license this year, and failed.

5yb5n6u1200d ago

not saying much if said league filled with imaginary teams like "north london red", "north london white" and "green shire midget"

ssj271200d ago

Then you should boycott EA for making exclusive deals with the Premier league and the Bundesliga. Is EA Monopoly and those two corporations who sales their souls to the ones with more money instead of allowing anyone to have their license. Anyways I have never had a problem with that.. specially because I can edith their names and most of the time their jersey.

Stringerbell1200d ago

An OF fixes that in literally seconds. Plus that is Konami's fault as ss said EA buys the exclusive rights.

Lamigol101200d ago

PES on PS4 is so much better than FIFA. It basically comes down to this ... do you want a deep, more realistic football experience or licensed teams etc...
For me, it's gameplay first.
Don't get me wrong, PES has it's faults but FIFA is frustrating beyond belief. FIFA need the licences, otherwise PES would wipe the floor with it.

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