Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition Coming to Xbox One, PS4

Nordic Games today announced that the Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition will come to current-gen consoles this winter

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DarkOcelet1259d ago

As much as i love Darksiders 2, i don't think i will be getting that. I would rather wait for Darksiders 3 which i am sure will be revealed at E3 this year.

I already had all the dlc content and its seems aside from HD upgrade, they are not going for anything else. They didnt even mention 60FPS which is weird.

Nitrowolf21259d ago

wish it included the first game, i love the second one but by no means did i feel like it was a true sequel if not more along the lines of an expansion dlc. I'm not getting this at all and I'm getting tired of all these remaster that were available on all platforms when they originally released last gen, seems rather pointless IMO since it was available to everyone. And the excuse that not everyone played it to me doesn't count considering that they choice the second in the series and not ust a bundle.

Least this confirms from the PR that they are indeed working on more Darksiders, which is what i was worried about when HQ closed.

DragonKnight1259d ago

That's because Darksiders 2 isn't a sequel. I don't know what the correct term would be, but the game takes place alongside the first game in that time period when War from the first game was "sleeping" after being "killed" by Straga in the opening area of the game.

Personally speaking I like the first game much better and would rather have it than Darksiders 2, but a bundle of both would be the correct move to make in my opinion.

Magicite1259d ago

why not also include first game?

DarkOcelet1259d ago

Its a shame really because it was the better game. I loved Death more than War but the gameplay was tighter and smoother in the first one.

OhMyGandhi1259d ago

because they can then sell that one as a "remastered, deathfinitive" edition as well.

DragonKnight1259d ago

I loved the first game a lot more. I liked War better than Death myself because Death seemed a lot more like everyone's errand boy than War did, even though they both technically were.

Plus I looked into the backstory of the Horseman and War is really a total badass. He's the youngest of the 4 Horseman, is known to be the most honorable of the 4 (doesn't fight dirty), and one time he decided to show his power on Earth (this was pre-game) and it took the other 3 Horseman to bring him down. Well not really. Fury and Strife were originally sent to stop him but they couldn't, he was too strong for them. Then Death was sent and War's physical attacks did nothing to him and in the battle Death cut off War's left arm, that's why he has that massive gauntlet like arm now.

Plus, Chaoseater is just a more badass weapon.

scark921259d ago

Never played the series.. I am hardly going to start with the second.

Ezz20131259d ago


I see where you coming from even though loved both War and Death equaly

but yeah ...War was just complete BADASS
i wish that we get Darksiders 3 too

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rezzah1258d ago

I think they are doing to this to get extra money to put into the next game. Plus it also works with getting a new population of fans for the series.

You can say it isn't meant for players like you an me who have already beaten it, unless you love the series so much you'd buy anything with its name on it.

lelo2play1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Another day, another remaster! What else is new...

dead_pixels1259d ago

While I absolutely agree, at least this shows publisher Nordic Games doesn't plan to let the series collect dust since acquiring it from THQ. Hopefully this remaster is the first step towards seeing a new entry in series.

Agent_00_Revan1259d ago

I see all these remasters as talent being wasted when they could be making NEW games. Even if it was outsourced, those people could be working on something else.

Nitrowolf21259d ago

You gotta remember, a lot of those outsourced companies typically aren't working on anything, or if they are they don't have the funds/backers for it. Remasters should be viewed as a good thing IMO when they are outsourced. Just look at Blueprint Studio, while yeah they don't have a new game coming, it seems that Sony is giving them more and more opportunities.

Now, what I dislike about remasters is when they rerelease a game that wasn't platform exclusive

jdaboss1259d ago

Thats because youre not a big picture thinker and you probably wouldnt last at one of these companies.. It is fun to play armchair business guy though isnt it?

isarai1259d ago

This is how many small studios get to that point actually, all the ones in my area do outsourcing work all the time and if it weren't for that they wouldnt even have a studio anymore

Harkins17211259d ago

And thats not a bad thing. E3 is in a couple of days. Prepare for many new games.

Baka-akaB1259d ago

This is stupid now , no way i'd get it without a bundle including the first game

Agent_00_Revan1259d ago

Exactly. While some Remasters get it right, like Halo and Uncharted Collection, by giving us everything, others just seem half hearted like God of War and this. Why include only one game from a multigame series?

Unless they plan on hitting us up Again later, at which point 'ha ha, No!'

Baka-akaB1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

The problem isnt even so much in comparison to other remasters and compilation ... but Darksiders are two coins of a same story , and the first game lay out the universe neatly .

Good luck for them getting people to invest into a 3rd title if they dont get the whole story on next gen , unless of course they played it on PS3/360/PC . It's no Mass effect nor the Witcher

masterfox1259d ago

Well since I played Darksider 2 on my PC at max settings smooth 60 fps I will definitely skip this one, also the end freaking sucks!!!

smashman981259d ago

Aww but I wanted to hear more about how your powerful pc managed to run this game at max settings

Unreal011259d ago

Haha. Any opportunity for a PC elitist to brag eh.

dead_pixels1259d ago

Not gonna lie. I laughed.

1259d ago
Shineon1259d ago

Aye u know u done started something with that one, too funny

xTheMercenary_1259d ago

It was started a while ago actually, seen this comment several times.

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