Gamestyle Review: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Gamestyle writes: "Gamestyle has a mixed relationship with Dragon Ball Z. When it was first shown on Cartoon Network here in the UK, it was quite enjoyable. It was new, flashy (to the point of epilepsy) and most of all, violent... or as violent as a Saturday morning/weekday afternoon cartoon can be. As time went on it grew boring, as it was just the same plot recycled constantly with 30 episodes before each fight began. Basically it boiled down to a case of too much 'plot' not enough action, which presents a bit of a problem for the Z Chronicles story mode in this latest video game outing. Still a lack of plot never stopped anyone enjoying blasting their mate's face off with a fireball in Street Fighter 2, so how does Burst Limit stack up as a simple fighting game?"

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