Is Miiverse Feedback Important? We Ask the Developers

Miiverse is an interesting tool, and usually filled with some interesting memes, but do developers use it to enhance their games? We asked several developers.

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MNGamer-N1133d ago

I like knowing that my comments are read by the developer that built the game. Pretty cool if you ask me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1133d ago

I also seem to recall devs from first party Nintendo games taking reactions from Miiverse to gauge what needs change.
I hope hounding them enough on Miiverse about certain things will make Splatoon even better and more feature filled in the short and long term.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1133d ago

Which why I always say if you want something to be localize go on Miiverse.

I ask for Bravely Second, Fatal Frame V, Attack on Titan, Yokai Watch and many other localization and look we got em.

BrandanT1133d ago

I'm actually scared to post anything negative on miiverse because I think I might get reported for trolling.

ZeekQuattro1133d ago

You can be negative on there just be pc about it. I never had a post yanked because I spoke ill of a certain game.