Nintendo's future plans and a grudging cave in to mobile gaming

Nintendo has been facing the inevitable extinction of the dedicated handheld video game console for many years now. The rise of the smart phone and tablet has slowly encroached on a market that they held a stranglehold on for decades. The Game Boy and then the DS line have been the default handheld games console for children and adult gamers since the nineties.

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UltimateMaster893d ago

Nintendo handheld is profitable because it has true exclusive "not cross-platform" of established franchise.

Creating new IPs for a handheld that uses Memory Cards is too big of a financial risk.

wonderfulmonkeyman892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

Their statement that they won't be putting console games on phones, is a good thing.
It shows that they're keeping in mind the clear differences between their console audience and the mobile audience, and will be developing experiences catered to those differing tastes.
In other words, round peg, round hole. They're matching the content to the audience instead of trying to force the wrong type of experience.

Nintendo's handheld systems aren't going to go anywhere any year soon.