The Witcher 3 Made Me Humble - Zero1gaming

It tends to be quite rare that you, as a gamer, come upon the occasion that your pre-conceptions are proven to be wholly wrong, insofar as a game you’ve written off is concerned at any rate…

Let’s face it, if you’ve decided that a game isn’t going to be any good, you’re unlikely to pick it up and play it are you?

Why’s this relevant? Well it just so happens that Paul Izod didn’t have high hopes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Indeed, he had virtually no expectations, as he’d written it of completely.

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UltimateMaster1197d ago

It's great to have a game who's action changes the ending of the game. Make me think of Chrono Trigger.

WizzroSupreme1197d ago

It sure made me humble, shocked, and awed all at once. One heck of a game.

bixxel1197d ago

I tried to make as much good decisions as possible. But the Baron mission (no spoilers) got me shocked and I kept thinking how to make an impossible choice..