The Phantom Pain Gets PEGI 18 Rating For Extreme Violence, Motiveless Killing and Strong Language

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has received an 18 rating from the Pan European Game Information board for "Extreme Violence", "Motiveless Killing" and "Strong Language".

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bananaboats1285d ago

theres always a motive to kill someone in a game. If they are in my way then they die.....that's reason enough right

DarkOcelet1285d ago

I think in this game, its different.

Venom Snake could be killing children or have the motives to kill them.

And then there is the torture.

angelsx1285d ago

Nice.I like brutality :)

Number-Nine1285d ago

Motiveless killing? Because motive killing is much better :D

chrisx1285d ago

Sweet news. My type of game.

R6ex1285d ago


Its just a game.

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