Sega lands Aliens deal.

Sega has scored the rights from 20th Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising to create a series of games based on the Alien movies.

Instead of the games being direct walkthroughs of the movies, Sega will draw more on the history of the franchise with first-person shooters and even RPGs. Don't expect the game game from the deal to se the light of day until 2008.

Alien actors Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen are reportedly in talk with Sega about providing their voices and likenesses to the games. Rob Lightner, VP of Sega's business development, told the Hollywood Reporter, "We haven't finalized anything at this point, but everything is on the table. It's important for everyone to understand the difference here: We're taking licensing to the next level with this franchise."

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smithgi4387d ago

game over man! game over!

I had the aliens mod for doom and it was superb!

unleash bass4387d ago

this would be cool as a GoW style game, using the Aliens rather than locust.

NubreedLive4387d ago

this is gonna be freaking great... " and the animal itself... wonder us"

zornik4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

I'm not sure about this....SEGA is more an arcade game developer and i like my ALIEN games more dark and mature. I like 2 see the RPG option but we wil see in 2008.

Rooted_Dust4387d ago

If these games are at least as good as Alien vs Predator 2 they should be awesome. Aliens is my all time favorite movie, they better not screw it up.

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