Are players less skilled than they were 10 years ago?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Are players less skilled than they were 10 years ago, or have the average player skill increased in the past decade?

We ask some top players and discuss the increase / decrease of skill in public as well as competitive gaming."

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HanCilliers1222d ago

Interesting read. My immediate reply would be, how could players be less skilled as games have increasingly demanded better skilled? Then I remember how devs have made games easier to cater for the casual audience.


Casual gamers less skilled
Competitive gamers more skilled.

Sillicur1222d ago

Completely agreed. Casual gamers are playing easier and easier games, which decrease their skill. One point to be made is that even casual gamers in multiplayer games tend to pick up or learn a bit from higher skilled players.

mikeslemonade1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I think they are more skilled today. Online gaming is real competitive. Back in the day you only had to be better than your friends. But now you gotta be better than thousands and thousands of players.

I wouldn't say casual gamers are less skilled. There's just more casual gamers these days. There were casual gamers back in the day too just not as many of them.

breakpad1222d ago

yes they are less skilled

Volkama1222d ago

Did you write the article? Ties in quite well with

PONTIAC08G8GT1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I'd have to say gamers are less skilled today. People complain DS is too hard. Realistic racing games are too hard. I've even heard Skyrim is too big and too much to do. I have a friend who plays every game on easy because "it's more fun than having to work at it".

I remember back when Rainbow Six was big. I loved that game because there were no health packs. No medic to revive you. You couldn't just hide behind a wall and get your health back. 1/2/3 bullets you were dead. And if you got shot, your health might be critical and next bullet ended you. You had to creep around, peak around corners, and actually think. Now with COD and BF you dont care if you die 30 times or run out in the open, just hide for a couple seconds and full health!

Even hard modes are truly hard. All it usually does is make enemies bullet sponges and makes you hide more. Instead of an enemy having 100 health, now they have 5,000 health and do more damage to you. It's making the game not hard but annoying. Keep enemies health and damage the same, but give less ammo, no health regeneration, more enemies, less items, things like that.

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schmoe1222d ago

in a nutshell i think you have it spot on.

The challenging elements to some casual gaming has definitely gotten easier which lowers the barriers to entry.

Twitch reactions and the ability to plan strategically in the competitive scene is way more challenging than ever before.

So.... I think that gaming in general is expanding on both ends of the spectrum and this result is or was inevitable.

just_looken1222d ago

What about those that play on current gen aswell on there launch ps2/xbox? hmm.

I agree good points here but not all "gamers" play what the crowd plays.

Hoffmann1222d ago

Agreed 100%

The differences between casual and "core" gamers is growsing since so many games today are even playable by people who were not able to beat a complete world in a classic Super Mario game.

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Khajiit861222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I think about this all the time, but everytime I bump a game to the harder difficulties in todays games I am quickly reminded that skilled gaming is all still there. You just have to want it. Last of us on grounded is one of the hardest games I ever played, had to restart like 3 times and never finished it because you get top a certain point where you are down to a couple bullets with a couple clickers to kill or something thats impossible like that. So during every gun fight you have to try to be smart so you dont get to that point ever, its hard to do.

Easy modes are much easier today than they were.

pompombrum1222d ago

"how could players be less skilled as games have increasingly demanded better skilled?"

Care to give me some examples here? The direction the large majority of games seem to be going in being as accessible and as casual friendly as possible. Even the most watched competitive game out there is considered one of the more casual friendly games in it's respective genre.

DragoonsScaleLegends1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Well I would say if they have only played on Mobile then yes it would be difficult if they went to play a real game with a traditional controller they would suck. But the same thing could be said about people who have only ever used a keyboard and mouse to play games. If you go from any gaming device to a controller for the first time you will suck until you get better at it. But going to touch screen devices or keyboard and mouse is easier since one is a simple finger movement experience while the other is something everyone born within the past two decades grew up using.

But of course if we are not talking about the skill needed to actually use the input device and instead just plain gamer intuition or gaming common since, yes mobile only gamers wouldn't have really developed that skill unless they played emulators.

Personally being 21 and just recently getting my first android phone(not my first cell phone though) and playing the top rated mobile games. In my opinion I don't understand how these games are so high rated on the google play store. I tried most of the top games and they are just so bad yet I see people leaving reviews that say these games are amazing. It just shows how out of touch casual gamers are to traditional good games plus they have no problems with micro-transaction paradise either lol.

700p1222d ago

The simple answer is yes.

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SonZeRo1222d ago

i r casual so i r the suck apparently.

HanCilliers1222d ago

But WoW raiding is The Hardcore ;)

SonZeRo1222d ago

hahaha ya right, maybe mythic raiding.

schmoe1222d ago

only when dual boxing.

Actually, i think wow is one of the few titles that caters for both of these said extreme worlds

plut0nash1222d ago

Casual gamers? Hmmm. I've gotten better over time at sim racing. Lap times faster, racing physics better and better. I think skill is relative to its competition. How good is the competition? Can they go up against a player from seven years ago in the same situation / time and beat them? Therein lies the difficulty in judging this.

Choc_Salties1222d ago

An interesting component I observed about 15 years ago - Counter-Strike was still in beta, or just of... We're jamming a house-LAN session, all fun and games. A visitor came over, who had played FPS games before but not really played MP-FPS games before (This was waaaay before wide-spread proliferation of Internet in the home as you see today). He did actually have military training (being Israeli). Once he got the feel for the game, he decidedly wiped the floor with his opponents.

Skill what is being described today versus what I observed then, is more along the lines of practice like sports-people do, or should be doing along the lines of conventional sport training. What he brought to that one game, was real battlefield training that ,while similar, borne with practice and discipline you rarely see in the eSports scene.

Yes the kids of today, now, realise that they need to hone their skills but there is definitely still a prima-donna attitude with how they will arbitrarily switch teams, games, and managers because of a "grass is greener" syndrome, not to mention some weird thing of entitlement which I observed in both the amateur and pro scenes...

Although my knowledge is about a year out of date, so YMMV...

nikrel1222d ago

I cannot see how shooters have changed over the past 10 years skills always there.

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