PS4/Xbox One/PS3/PC Wheels Logitech G29/G920 Look Sleek in New Trailers; Driveclub Support Announced

Logitech announced today the new racing wheels G29 and G920 respectively for PS4/PS3 and Xbox One/PC, and they also released a batch of trailers showcasing the two $399.99 beasts.

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lelo2play1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

If you have both the X1 and PS4, you need two different Logitech wheels. LOL
Logitech are scum... so are most of the other console/PC wheels vendors.

Anyone recommend a racing wheel compatible with PC/X1/PS4 that's not too expensive?

Volkama1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

It isn't Logitech, it's MS and Sony.

Thrustmaster have/had a wheel in development that supports both platforms, but it does so by having a full interchangeable base unit for the wheel. It's basically 2 wheels, and priced as such.

I'm not forking out for 2 wheels, so I basically have to choose between Forza and Gran Turismo :|

Edit: I think it's Fanatec that do the interchangeable base units actually. Either way, every wheel manufacturer has the same issues supporting both consoles and it isn't because they want to limit the appeal of their own products...

SniperControl1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I have been using a device called CronusMax for using my G27 on PS4(does work on X1 as well, not tried it yet though), works really well without any lag, only downside is no force feed back as yet, but the devs say they are working on it.

What if i want one for PC & PS4?

Edit: just found this on the website " G29 Driving Force also works on your PC using Logitech Gaming Software"

EDIT:Check out the specs as well, the G29 is the better wheel, it has the extra turn dial and buttons at the the bottom also has the LEDs, both of which the G920 does not have.

Looks like i'll be getting a G29 then.

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ps4fanboy1254d ago

Driving force pro was absolutely crap.

kingPoS1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

While the DFP is not a crappy wheel, compared to the DFGT is not as accurate or fun to use. I know this because I own both.

If I had to take away from the Driving Force Pro, it would be the tiny buttons. Granted, it was a far cry better than using a DS3 for Midnight Club LA, that game demanded every button you had to spare.😅

Gateway MT6706 2008

spence524901254d ago

I have a T300 right now but I want this as well. Rip wallet.

level 3601254d ago

There used to be a time when the gearshift was **not an add-on accessory.. so sad nowadays.

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