PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

PlayStation Now's UK beta has gone into paid rental mode, users tell Eurogamer, and the video game rental prices are pretty expensive.

There are two options available:

£4.99 for two days or £9.99 for 30 days.
£2.99 for two days or £7.99 for 30 days.


Sony has told Eurogamer user feedback will help shape pricing when it comes to PS Now, currently in beta.

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nitrogav1282d ago

Yeah gotta say 4.99 is a joke for 2 day rental. Should be 0.99. The 30 day rental at 9.99 isn't so bad actually and I've been lucky and am in the beta and so far pretty impressed with the service. Controller lag is so minimal you don't even notice it. For it to succeed they need to nip that 4.99 in the bud straight away.

TLG19911282d ago

i am also on the Beta and can not fault the service at all. its pretty impressive.

But that pricing is ridiculous. surely sony of all people know how important pricing is for selling products.

Jdoki1282d ago

Same here.

Impressive service... Unimpressive prices.

Not sure how Sony can get the price of the PS4 so right at launch, and yet PS Now is a rip-off.

Either Sony have done their research and this is the price they believe the market will bear, or they are pricing high so that they can fanfare when they drop it in future, or they seriously have no clue.

mcstorm1282d ago

I think they would get more customers if they went for a pay monthly service rather than the price per game. A little bit like Netflix or even EA Vault. I know the services are different but if they did it that was I see if being a hit but at prices like that I don't see it being that big in the UK.

SniperControl1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Didn't Blockbuster rent there games for a fiver but over a week? Can't remember now, been so long.
£9.99 is a good price for 30 days though, but yeah, you are right, £4.99(depending on game) for two days is excessive, £2.50 sounds about right.

Loving the beta though, it's fast, no lag.

KyRo1282d ago

Once again us UK players get shafted on digital pricing. It's exactly why I refuse to accept digital only when the prices for new games are £50-£65 on the UK PS Store. I can walk in a shop and get it nearly £20 cheaper. Apart from America, a digital only future could have quite a large impact on game sales as the industry as a whole until pricing is fair for the rest of the world.

SniperControl1282d ago

I had a choice of buying the new Batman game on PC or PS4, but in the end i went for the Steam version at £35. PSN wanted £55 for the standard version, that's a full £20 more expensive.

caseh1282d ago

Unless they introduce a subscription for about £5.99 a month I can see this service going down the pan fairly rapidly.

People generally don't mind £5.99 as even if they are not using a service, it's available on tap for a minimal amount. As soon as that goes up by a couple of quid, people will only pay it if they are 100% going to use it, often.

As for the rental prices, complete joke. Until the abundance of physical PS3 games dries up how can they expect anyone to rent at those prices.

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Makis_Husbando1282d ago

You can buy a lot of the games on the service for those prices.

zuzzyb1282d ago

Should be called Playstation then. Move on.

SniperControl1282d ago

Unfortunately, streaming is the future of console gaming whether you like it or not, i'am pretty sure all the major console makers are paying particular attention to the Playstation Now beta.

Raider691282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

You know you can buy Batman Physical version PS4 for 38pounds at gameseek and other sellers,i have to say that people that support digital get shaft in price because they want and deserve it for supporting crap digital way.

Volkama1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

@Raider or you can get Batman PC version digitally for about £16. That's a pretty gentle shafting. Almost enjoyable.

@Sniper, not just console makers. You can bet Netflix and Amazon will be ready to enter the market if/when it starts to heat up.

Manic20141282d ago

Wow, those prices are ridiculous when compared to the current retail prices. I wonder how much will Sony reduce the cost by

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