Logitech G Introduces First Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One® and PC

Logitech G Introduces First Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One® and PC

Logitech G920 Driving Force Features Hand-Stitched Leather, Dual-Motor Force Feedback and All-Steel Pedals With Clutch

Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI), a leading innovator of gaming peripherals, today announced the Logitech® G920 Driving Force™, its first force feedback racing wheel available for Xbox One®, as well as PC, will be available this fall.

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Volkama1166d ago

Ach was really hoping for PC, Xbox, PS4 support on a single wheel. Damn MS and/or Sony for the restriction :|

creeping judas1166d ago

I have to agree, it would be awesome to just have one wheel!

AlphaBlackWolf961166d ago

This is almost virtual identical to the G29, save a few features. Why couldn't they make the G29 compatible with Xbox One? Saves me the money from buying two wheels.

kneon1165d ago

I'm sure it has to do with the security restrictions on the USB ports.

AlphaBlackWolf961165d ago

I just want a good FFB wheel that I can use for Gran Turismo AND Forza. Is that too much to ask?

BluEx6101165d ago

I just hope they make some type of adapter so that you can use it for both consoles like they did on the G27. Man I love Forza but I think I'mma wait to see the G29, and decide which to get then.

wheeler011165d ago

Unless they add support for the G25, I will stick to racing on the pc. Not paying £250+ for a new wheel when mine works perfectly well.

Do like the Xbox One, don't like the way old wheels etc don't work! If other companies can get them to work on PS4 etc, why can't Logitech!!

M1ST4K31165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Exactly... Logitech said the g25/g27 wasn't going to be supported by PS4 because they were abandoning console peripherals... I wonder what's their excuse now... I paid 200€ for my g25 not too long ago and I expect to use it on the PS4.

rainslacker1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Logitech will be all too happy to support consoles if they can make some money off it. They just don't make money on supporting their devices for the long haul. There was no real reason why the PS3/360 wheels should have become obsolete, and there is no reason devs couldn't develop their own drivers to run any of these wheels. It's not like they have to change much on the internals of the wheels to support a console.

I would love a new wheel, and would even get one from another company, but I know they probably would do the same thing. I'm just glad I didn't go all in on my racing set up last gen, and now I'm rather reluctant to go all in this gen because I know it'll be rendered obsolete at the first possible opportunity to support the next big a newly designed horn button which is more lifelike.

I have yet to buy a racing game this gen because of this stupid crap. So far I've passed on two I'm interested in(DC and PC). Until devs can work this crap out, I'll stick with GT6 on the PS3.

Have had a DFGT for less than 2 years before Logitech said they were not going to support it anymore. Great entry level wheel, but not worth supporting logitech's more expensive options if they don't care to support their products.

yewles11165d ago

The generation of BS...