Bioware's Creative Director Not Too 'Happy' With Fallout 4 Trailer

It would seem that Bioware's creative director Alistair McNally wasn't too 'happy' with Bethesda's new Fallout 4 trailer.

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ToastyMcNibbles1131d ago

Bite your tongue Bioware. Bite it!

BartMoons1131d ago

Was thinking the same, apart from David Jaffe and Cliffy B developers don't speak open about other games that much.

Ezz20131131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I want to say why Bioware are not happy with Fallout 4 trailer
the trailer didn't show something Bioware are trying to force it on us in all it games
ahhh...something about two men appreciate each other

Will not say another word

rdgneoz31131d ago

@Ezz2013 So, you chose to have some guy on guy action in the previous games? Interesting... Seeing how it's optional, you're not being forced to do it. But guessing you enjoyed it and were appalled afterwards...

As for the trailer, the scenery did look good. Just the character models looked a bit dated. The dog's hair looked flat (PS3 graphics compared to Witcher 3 animal models).

Ezz20131131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


Bad joke
Sorry if i offended anyone

1131d ago
Bimkoblerutso1131d ago

I just feel like the man has very little room to talk. Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 were flat out ugly (great as they were), and though Inquisition made some pretty large leaps in that department, it's not like it's the best looking game ever made.

Maybe this is just a bit of developer rivalry flaring up before E3.

inveni01130d ago

@rdgneoz3, yeah Hairworks has ruined me. =)

ChronoJoe1130d ago

I don't get it. One guy makes a comment and suddenly 'bioware are unhappy with fallout 4 trailer?'

All he basically said was that Fallout 4 looked basically the same, as Fallout 3. It wasn't an attack on the game by the studio, it was one man's remark, expressing his thoughts on the title.

I wish developers didn't have to bite their tongues, they should be able to express their thoughts about other games in the same way that we do.

VenomUK1130d ago

@ChronoJoe Hi. You said "All he basically said was that Fallout 4 looked basically the same, as Fallout 3."

Alistair McNally's statement seems innocuous enough. But what he is saying is that the Fallout 4 new-gen graphics (possible release in 2015 or 2016) are comparable with the last-gen graphics of Fallout 3 (released in 2008)! Indirectly he is saying that the graphics are very dated.

Personally I think the criticisms of the Fallout 4 are overstated. No it doesn't look like a CGI movie, but it does look like a game. Absolutely it is improved from the previous game. I watched the trailer and I have a honest representation of what the actual game will look like when I play it. I'm grateful to Bethesda and more willing to believe any statements they make about the game. And yes, I will be buying it!

sonic9891130d ago

i hate bioware so they should just shut up

morganfell1130d ago

That is some nerve after Dragon Age.

With Mass Effect 4, I wonder what social agenda Bioware will push instead of concentrating on the gameplay. #classless.

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georeo1131d ago

His opinion tho, you will still buy fall out , so who cares.

Klamba921131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Sure i agree this was uncalled for but lets not treat one persons stupid thoughts as the whole of Bioware. I'm sure many if not all people would disagree with what he said, also he is forced to either apologise or possibly lose his position creative director if this blows up and really it should!

That said lets hope this is a wake up call to the devs giving self praise on their game while giving us no information on what its about or even the the name of the game! I'm confident we'll see it at E3 lets hope it will be gameplay and not just a CGI tease!

Haru1131d ago

LMFAO at least they have the [email protected] to relase a trailer unlike you bioware

smashman981130d ago

Lol are you saying they won't release a trailer at e3? They definitely will.

aLucidMind1130d ago

A pre-rendered CGI one, yes. One that's actually part of the in-game engine, they definitely won't. To me, CGI trailers can indicate a lack of confidence in the product.

showtimefolks1130d ago

how about you remember how your totally messed up and over promised with Mas Effect trilogy. this time if you say all your choices will matter than many won't believe you

bioware use to mean quality but their track record has kind of taken a hit, last years dragon age kind of helped their image. but everyone is look at mass effect 4, so you better deliver

ManAnimalX1130d ago

Kinda taken a hit? That's the understatement of the Year.

The Bioware of long past is no more, there Bioware in name ONLY now.

EA Reaper strikes again.

jznrpg1130d ago

The first Mass Effect was great , than it wasnt as good with 2 and 3 was similar maps over and over and felt like a shooter :/

comebackkid98911130d ago

ME2 was a glorified TPS and Origins looked rife w/ PS2 assets.

otherZinc1130d ago

LMAO! That guy took the gloves off!

Timesplitter141130d ago

that's extremely unprofessional of him. I wouldnt've expected this from a major bioware employee

joab7771130d ago

To be honest, I think he is just making an allusion to its similarity...jk!

It is funny though, how we can bash the Fallout trailer for a week, but a dev can't tweet a mildly negative comment without being pummeled to written death.

We bitch about TW3 and it's E3 graphics, and then bitch that Fallout doesn't look good enough. Many have commented already on how it's the same trailer as Fallout 3.

But don't be a dev and do it. And its funny how ppl call Bioware ' s games buggy. I agree, DA:I dumbed down the combat and that hurt. But otherwise, it was a respectable game. The Mass Effect trilogy would still be praised today of not for its ending.

That said, Fallout 3 is one of my fav games ever and I can't wait for 4. But I'll also play ME. I love the written jabs. It's exciting and hopefully pushes devs to back it up. Let him tweet!!!!!

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Erik73571131d ago

He's like

"Where is CGI footage to build fake hype for this game?What about the fancy music and explosions?What about montage?Their actually showing gameplay!Blasphemy!"

redey31131d ago

Or, he just thinks the PS3 models (the main character and dog) look the same as for fallout 3? No? Or the PS2 grass textures make him wanna cray?

pivotplease1131d ago

Not even close. People underestimate the improvements. Fallout 3 looks horrible in comparison and even Skyrim doesn't look as good. I thought Far cry 3 was a good looking last gen game but go compare it with 4 on the new gen and its night and day.

thejigisup1131d ago

Maybe he just thought the trailer seemed somewhat similar to other fallout trailers

bananaboats1130d ago

The games you play must look like real life then huh

UnHoly_One1130d ago

Redey you are really on a big "hate fallout graphics" campaign, aren't you?

I saw you posting the same screen cap from the trailer like 4 times the same day the trailer came out.

Give it a rest.

The game looks fine. I'm sorry it isn't photorealistic or whatever you expected, but get over it.

redey31130d ago

Not even close??? Far cry 2 looks MUCH better than fallout 4. And when did far cry 2 went out?

Just look at this awesome imporevements and graphics! Nice. Yeah, games I play look like real life. More like GTA V or WItcher 3 like, which is 2 gens ahead.

redey31130d ago

far cry 2

A game released SEVEN years ago looks better on PS3 than fallout 4 does on PC TODAY. But it seems you get blind from the fanboy glasses you have on

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Khajiit861131d ago

I agree. I loved the Fallout games wasnt as excited for 4 until I seen the trailer. Its one of the best trailers I have seen in a while. They dont hide anything and game looks fantastic, I can only imagine the areas they will have and how great everything will look.

Maybe they are setting us up for a first upgraded game lol. Instead of showing us fake crap and then downgrading it maybe for once we see the game in its current state and then it gets improved before release.

SunnyZ1130d ago

He's all like, 'Needs moar Michael Bay'...
What a complete derp.

Christopher1130d ago

I think people are mistaken that he is at all talking about graphical fidelity as opposed to just seeing the same concept we've seen before with the Fallout 3 trailers. Meaning, you see the before and after of the fallout and then a guy in the vault suit for a little bit.

It didn't show anything that would be considered new as far as what you would have seen in Fallout 3 or New Vegas other than some landmarks that really don't mean much since that's all they represent and not story-defined or changing elements.

gangsta_red1130d ago

I disagree. It's a trailer teasing an upcoming game. No different than the many AC, CoD and other games that have teaser trailers just letting gamers know that it's coming.

The features and designs that would be considered new are always left for more in depth interviews or dedicated presentations, hardly ever for a trailer.

I think this was in line with shots fired.

IrishSt0ner1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I agree, the comment refers to the game having the exact same concept as Fallout 3. That's why he said watch any old Fallout 3 trailer... It's the exact same premise.

Nothing to do with the graphics shown off in the trailer, I suppose that link is only made due to the uproar about graphics (which in itself I find very odd considering everyone seems to moan about unrealistic 'in-engine' trailers).

joab7771130d ago

Yeah, but didn't the Internet just blow up over Fallout 4's choice to show gameplay that appeared to almost everyone (but me) to look bad, or atleast not good enough for next gen?

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Erik73571131d ago ShowReplies(1)
xTheMercenary_1131d ago

Same can be said about Dragon Age: Inquisition

IamTylerDurden11131d ago

Heh? What can be said for Dragon Age Inquisition? Ru kidding?

First off Fallout 3 is in my top 4 all time favorite games, i loved Oblivion and respect Bethesda as a dev and a publisher. Dragon Age Inq was a fantastic game (undisputed) and it was a very pretty game as well, considering the fact DAI was a cross-gen game released in 2014 and still arguably looked better (visually) than Fallout 4 did in the trailer renders your comment illogical.

I am hyped for Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4, both studios are consistent and talented, and like clockwork they pump out quality titles. I honestly don't mind a little friendly jabbing or a studio being a little bit cocky. It gives me hope they have something to be cocky about.

kraenk121131d ago

DAI was an incredibly lackluster game. Biggest disappointment in years for me. This guy should fix his own singleplayer MMO and learn how to create an interesting world before he critisizes other developers.

zeuanimals1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Undisputedly a fantastic game? Who says? The media? The same media that gave a bunch of bad games great scores, like MW3, ACIII, etc. That media? Hell, ACIII won "Best Action Adventure Game" in 2012, the same year that Dragon's Dogma, a fan favorite that people actually look back at fondly, released. You realize that an article released talking about it and almost everybody in the comments section just bashed the game left and right, right? PS fanboys, Xbox fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, and PC elitists all put aside their differences and got together to kick the game where it hurts.

The combat was some of the dullest POS I've ever dealt with and it's not because it was "too slow, too tactical" for me, it was neither. Instead, it was just dull. Hold the trigger for win.

On harder difficulties, you have to micromanage your braindead AI companions using a terribly clunky tactical view system because they don't do anything useful even if you set them to do some actions more than others. Cassandra is a tank! So why is she always dying? Oh, because she doesn't use shield wall even though that's the only ability I set for her to use because she never uses it and hopefully she will if I set it to that... Nope. Still dies constantly even with shield wall almost always ready to use. Archers and mages will attack enemies who are standing in front of them instead of moving back to a safe position because you know, that's not what being a ranged character is all about...

The story was a been there done that power fantasy. Everyone follows you and you're the guy with the biggest c*ck, look at you go! The main villain was uninspired and in the end he wasn't even much of a threat. The companions were all dull, especially Varric. He can say he's interesting all he wants but that makes him about as interesting as a meth head saying he's a genius actually means he's a genius. Iron Bull and Blackwall were atleast sort of interesting.

And then there's the quests... "Pick that up" is half of the content in the game while the rest of it consists of 8 STORY QUESTS! 8! 8!!!!! The other content are the companion quests for the aforementioned uninteresting companions, and they weren't very imaginative at all. Also, there's a war planning part of the game that consists of mobile game time management stuff... That's about it, plus a multiplayer portion that I didn't touch much so I can't comment on it. What I can say is, it uses the same combat system as the story mode... Except with more limitations, and that's exactly what the combat needed to be more engaging...

So no, it's not undisputed. You can claim it is like Varric, but it's not. And yes, this guy's only talking about Fallout's visuals, but atleast it'll probably be a good game because it's probably not starting as a multiplayer game with a tacked on singleplayer like what happened to DA:I. And I must say, I'm not very happy with this creative director's creativity.

xTheMercenary_1131d ago

You base how good a game is visually? Get out of here man. Like kraenk12 has said dragon age was a lackluster game. I say this and am sticking to this and so are many others. The game did look good visually but the amount of effort they put in the game was showing and it was a terrible effort, you get the same old fetch quest and nothing unique, every other new area is essentially the same nothing is changed other than the look of the area. I also fail to understand how Fallout 4 slipped into this conversation.

Ratty1131d ago

Why should we feel forced to take sides? Dragon Age Inquisition was awesome. So was every Fallout game. I'm not going to shit on either just because one Bioware employee is sore over the Fallout 4 trailer (which was good IMO)

xTheMercenary_1131d ago

I'm not sure who this is directed towards. But me personally, i don't take sides for any game. All i am trying to say is this guy should learn to make the games he develops better. Dragon age: Inquisition in my opinion was terrible same shit every single new area discovered, the majority of side quests seemed to have no effort put into them, they had no story or depth it was always go find this or go collect these. I couldn't even finish the game, it was lackluster at best.

IamTylerDurden11130d ago

@xthemercenary - "how did Fallout 4 slip into the conversation ?". Seriously man? Ru so clouded with misguided hate that u ddidn't the article title? The article is about the Bioware art director not being pleased with the Fallout 4 grfx it say "Fallout 4" in the title.

DAI was rated higher than DAO on metacritic at 89, terrible game huh? Yes i know meta is bs when u want it to be but then at other times the same ppl will quote it as gospel. Meta is bs but it gives a baseline at least for how a game was received.

C'mon u guys think Dragon's Dogma was goty? Do u also think Amular was better than Mass Effect 2 or 3? The combat in DAI was better than Skyrim. DAI was a solid game, Bioware is a little dry it's how they are, but they are far better writers than Bethesda look at the writing in the ME series, the dialogue system that Bioware created is groundbreaking and since ME1 many devs have attempted to copy it. The party ai is no better in Fallout and in DAI it was dynamic how u could operate as party members in battle and incorporate turn based tactics. Bioware is enormously talented and theh make nice loking games with top notch writing, if u disliked the stories in ME or DAI then u must hate the non-stories in Fallout ect. Both Bethesda and Bioware are AMAZING developers i'm only playing devils advocate and sticking up for Bioware bc ppl are trashing yhem unfairly. Fallout has fetch quests too,and not many main story quests look at New vegas it had like 6 maybe, hence a 27min speedrun.

The dev was referencing grfx and so was i, the main point i was making was that DAI was not a bad looking game as one inept user suggested. I am hyped for Fallout 4 and i never expected good grfx anyway, Fallout always has bad grfx but the games are phenomenal anyway. I adore Fallout 3 and NV, Fallout 3 is an all time great game, but Mass Effect 1 & 2 are fantastic as well. U sound stupid and 1 sided when u claim Bioware needs to learn how to make games, from who, from u guys Zeuanimals & xTheMercenary_? Gtfo. It's called opinions ppl have them, they are different. Mass Effect 4 is going to blow doors off come e3, Frosbite 3000 engine in gaming, better than even the Cryengine. Fallout 4, Mass Effect 4, and Deus Ex MKD are my most anticipated multiplats.