Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Rating Details Extreme Violence & Motiveless Killing

Blimey, Konami's controversy-ridden Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is starting to sound a bit like GTA V - The Games Cabin

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Yi-Long1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Just played Ground Zeroes last week and it didn't really strike me as all that violent, in terms of blood/gore in taking out the 'bad guys'.

I'm sure content-wise and story-wise it will be 'dark' and have some extreme violence, but in the actual gameplay, it actually seemed kinda 'tame' considering what you were doing in the game...

I loved the little humour in it, like keeping track of how far the body goes when you blow somebody up...

just_looken1202d ago

Dont forget ground zeros was the first fox engine release using code thats now going on 2 years old. Who knows what phantom pain has for violence.

Remember the old ones had it were you could shot a guards arm/leg then watch him be in pain and limp around.

Heck look at the blood in certain mgs1 scenes or mg3 survivor mode ha yeah i am not worried they dont shy away from gore.

joab7771202d ago

"Motiveless killing"? I really gotta do some research and find out exactly what it is that is required to earn this...and can't wait to see what it is in this game, or if times are a changing. MGS solid usually goes out of its way, and will again, to give an alternative to killing, using non lethal options.

I wonder if these options are the reason why killing anyone makes it motiveless. Wouldn't that be ironic? Maybe it's so open world now that you can kill everyone in the game. Maybe Kojima played too much Skyrim and Fallout.

Don't get me wrong. After watching the end of Ground Zeroes, I can see why it deserves it's rating. And I for one, am glad we are still considered adult and resposible enough to consume such entertainment, but I can't wait to see just what the hell is up!

Dannycr1202d ago

Yay!, I can't wait for Quiet to get a scratch on her leg or arm so the "extremists" can start to make tons of blogs about how misogynistic this game is

DarXyde1202d ago

Meanwhile, somewhere in America, this man is biting his pillow and sobbing himself to sleep at night, knowing he can't do a thing.

crimsonfox1202d ago

He bites his pillow for a few reasons.

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The story is too old to be commented.