GameSpy: PlayStation Home Preview

GameSpy writes: "If it's nothing else, Home is certainly a work in progress. From its unveiling nearly 18 months ago at GDC 2007 until this E3, we've watched the virtual space evolve from a huge indoor corridor into a wide-open public space. That's most of what nearly anyone who's not in the private beta has seen. For the most part, it's been like trying to looking through someone's window by staring at the cracks in the mini-blinds. During E3, we got the opportunity to peer a little more into Home's highly touted game spaces.

The demo started off in Home's Central Plaza, which Sony reps continuously reiterated is still a work in progress. We believe them. Even so, it's a sharp contrast to the version we saw a year ago. Gone is the plaza that resembled the middle of a strip mall. The center of a building complex in an urban center now stands in its place. There's a huge screen in the plaza that shows off video; in this case, a trailer for Resistance 2 showed off Insomniac's upcoming sequel. In addition to the wide open areas to stroll and virtual retailer (which wasn't open, mind you), there are benches and private spaces to chat outside of the throngs of synchronized dancers."

-Virtual spaces look to be both fun and useful

-When is this thing finally coming out, for crying out loud?

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ThatCanadianGuy3772d ago

Sony...Just release HOME..

Just...Do it..