Do We Really Need Dark Souls 3? Or a Souls Game For That Matter

SegmentNext - Yes, The creator of Demon Souls, the creator of Dark Souls 1 & 2, and most recently the creator of Bloodborne. There’s a repeating pattern in all these games; brutal difficulty that teaches the true meaning of the moral ‘try try again’, with mechanics that have heavy emphasis on rewards.

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showtimefolks1285d ago

do we really need a new call of duty or assassin creed game every year? no right?

but guess what its a business so whatever makes money is what will be developed. IF you are not interested in Dark Souls series just don't buy them, its simple as that.

It's like when people have a problem with HD remakes. No one is forcing anyone to buy them, and majority of the times a independent studio takes care of these remakes, so its a good opportunity for that studio to gain some exposure and get to know the tech of systems

freshslicepizza1285d ago

as long as consumers buy them they will keep making them, it's a great series and better than a lot of other franchises (call of duty for example).

showtimefolks1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )


very well said. also the director of bloodborne is back and that can be counted only as a great thing for the series

i feel like gaming journalist have turned into click bait articles. first about fallout 4 trailer, now this and i am sure many more to come in the future

if you don't like a game or a series or even a trailer than just don't buy it, i mean no one is forcing you to buy any game you don't like

PONTIAC08G8GT1285d ago

Do we really need another Need For Speed? Another COD? BF Hardline is basically BF but with cops and robbers. Forza 6 is just like Forza 5 but with some improvements. Uncharted 4 is similar to Uncharted 3 (in terms of puzzles, climbing, things of that nature). Should they make DS3 first person and give you an easy setting and bring guns into the gameplay? Every sequel borrows from the past games and builds upon it. So yes, DS3 is more than welcome.

StrawberryDiesel4201285d ago

I'm willing to bet that it will go back to the original Dark Souls roots and the map will be one large connecting labrynth. Loved that about the original and changing that for Dark Souls 2 was definitely a mistake. Miyazaki will bring it back for sure, it's one of the reasons Dark Souls is so special. The open world that connects everything together is brilliant and should be a cornerstone of every Dark Souls entry.

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joab7771285d ago

I will take a new DS, as long as Miyazaki is working on something else. I really would love to see another Bloodborne too. But, there's something about Miyazaki and his ability to create new IPs. Give me a DS3 or BB2 while we wait for his new creation.

It's a tough call b/c I want more BB, and it's combat definitely resonated with gamers.

fonduktoe1285d ago

Do we really need garbage articles that pose stupid questions?

Ickythump311285d ago

They are becoming way too common on this site lately

LordMaim1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

The rule is, if an article title is in the form of a question, it's probably clickbait.

wonderfulmonkeyman1285d ago

So long as there's demand, yeah.
The real question is, how much can the series differentiate itself in each entry going forwards?
It'll be interesting to see what they do next.

uth111285d ago

That is the actual question posed in the article.

Make Dark Souls as cash grabs, vs releasing deep quality new games, or can they keep doing both?

PowerPlayaaa1285d ago

Do we really need a new COD, BF, ASSASSINS CREED, FIFA, NBA2K etc etc etc every Damn year?

See what I did there :-)

Bimkoblerutso1285d ago

Yeah, I had to laugh at that too, especially considering how much more substantially different all the Souls games are from one another compared to...pretty much any other franchised series out there.

WellyUK1285d ago

Yes we do because people want challenging games rather the the walk in the park games we get year in year out.

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