Street Fighter V New Screens Galore

Dual Pixels: "Just in time for E3. Here’s a ton of new images of Street Fighter V.

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RAM0N 1285d ago

That new stage looks nice

sinncross1285d ago

Dude, the character models look great, let alone the stage haha (which looks very cool)

bouzebbal1285d ago

yes it looks mindblowing!
in the beginning i thought it looked a lot like SF4 but after playing SF4 not long ago i realize how bad that looks compared to this.

GCO Gamer1285d ago

Oh... MY.. GOD... I think I'm in love.

Yi-Long1285d ago

It looks amazing indeed. So much better than Street Fighter 4, especially the much better use of colours.

I hope they'll give Ken and some of the others some normal hairdo's this time...

Yi-Long1285d ago

Not all that impressed by Nash and Bison (yet) though. Still a bit too cartoony and colourful, so I hope they will still be tweaking their outfits, their details, their colours and the fabric.

Ryu looks absolutely stunning, Chun-Li looks really good as well.

Killustrious1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Wow, those screens look amazing. I kind of originally wished they'd gone with an updated Street Fighter 3rd Strike artstyle but this looks pretty awesome. Now, where is Ken and Akuma???

chrisx1285d ago

This feels like real good work from capcom...till the milking starts

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The story is too old to be commented.