GameSpy: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Preview

GameSpy writes: "The original Colonization erupted onto the PC gaming scene in 1995, challenging players to settle the New World, develop an economy, and ultimately turn the tables on their Old World masters by declaring (and winning) their independence. It featured the same delicious turn-based tile-shuffling action of Sid Meier's legendary Civilization and became a favorite among strategy gamers.

Much like the recent re-release of Sid Meier's Pirates, Firaxis has raided the closet and is once again updating a classic. The success of Civilization IV, and the flexibility of the engine, gives the team a perfect excuse to revisit Colonization with some snazzy new graphics and some gameplay enhancements. As with Pirates, the team isn't trying to change the formula; at its core, this is very much the same game that kept us up all night 13 years ago. But like Civilization IV, it's got the slick presentation and refined gameplay of a modern strategy title... not to mention multiplayer."

-Classic strategy
-Lots of gameplay options with natives, constitution, and founding fathers

-May feel like a one-trick pony compared to the breadth of Civilization IV

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