Microsoft showing “Xbox One system update demo” on GameSpot’s E3 Livestream

Microsoft plans on showcasing a “Xbox One system update demo” on GameSpot’s E3 Livestream next Wednesday.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima895d ago

I hope this is a dashboard redesign. I know it want be but one can wish.

Abash895d ago

I want a new interface for the Xbox One more than anything. Let me be able to add themes and be able to navigate through it without a hitch

Ghost_of_Tsushima895d ago

Yea I think some of the previous dashboards were far better than the current one. They could do so much better. The blade system was great and so was NXE. This one is a cluster f**k.

never4get895d ago

Microsoft what about making Detail Third-Person Open-World City/Forest/Island DirectX 12 Demo?

LexHazard79895d ago

Funny you say that. Im using a custom theme I snap shot from Killer Instincts. So you can use themes but it gets hidden by everything else on the screen. Still does look nice in the background tho..

I wish they had something more like what PS4 has to be honest, but we'll Live.

Zeref895d ago

There is a pretty high chance that it will be. Otherwise they wouldn't be demoing it at E3. Also Windows 10 is coming to Xbox.

Satyre28895d ago

This is definitely an entire new interface. Its about that time, the 360 went through numerous redesigns, and im willing to bet this next update will be a complete rehaul.

895d ago
christocolus895d ago (Edited 895d ago )


Then go ahead Kid.Puke your guts out.No one's holding you back,its a free world, you are allowed to PUKE anytime...Just go ahead..PUKE it all out.. LMAO. :D

poor_cus_of_games895d ago

I'm very disappointed with mine.

paulomoreira895d ago

its ok u can get a xbox if want :)

LexHazard79895d ago


awesome, bubble up..

meche334895d ago

I love my xbox one also.

Julion0715895d ago

Maybe will be available for preview members? Hope so

christocolus895d ago

Hmm. Must be the new Windows 10 update.

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The story is too old to be commented.