Devil May Cry 4 Special Ed. Screenshots Show Original Settings, Small PS4 Exclusive Feature & More

The release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which will hit the shelves on June 23rd, is quite close, and today Capcom released a new batch of screenshots.

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UltimateMaster1130d ago

Very much looking forward to this game.
Love the added characters, makes it much more worthwhile and a great offering for fans of the series.

Mikefizzled1130d ago

Was that exclusive feature really headline worthy?

phoenixwing1130d ago

DMC4 meh, I'd go into why it's so meh but then I'd have spoilers and since people who haven't played the game may be reading I'll just keep it to myself.

deadpoolio3161130d ago

Just the fact that it was half a game, would be the biggest reason...Had you not of had to play that half twice it would have been like a 3-4hr game...Somehow it just wasn't exciting to play half the game forward then that same half backwards

phoenixwing1129d ago

*spoilers* Not to mention the cheap boss battle thing at the end where you fight all the previous bosses.

RazMaTaz01211130d ago

Cant wait for this. Such a good price, and while the only real down fall of this game was the lazy back tracking, but the gameplay was sublime, and with turbo mode and all these extra characters, itll be well worth living down memory lane.

comebackkid98911130d ago

Give me DMC 5 or give me death!

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