Platinum Games Teases Us With Vanquish Tweet

The unannounced Platinum game that is coming to E3 2015 may be fan-favorite Vanquish 2. This rumor is based on an interesting tweet that Platinum Games recently tweeted.

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-Foxtrot1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Wii U? Oh come on.

I can get past Bayonetta but not Vanquish aswell.

The first one was fantastic. Even with the pro controller playing Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U seemed off with me.

Metallox1198d ago

Quite incredible to read that. The game feels alright with both controllers, Pro and Gamepad. Since the ZL and ZR are buttons, the Pro Controller actually works even better than the 360 one for me.

SmielmaN1198d ago

I had no issues with Bayo2 and I used the tablet lol. If it is Vanquish 2 that would be awesome! Loved the first one! Hidden gem I picked up for rental price at ebgames. I will say though, I would rather play it on my PS4. Not a slight on my Wii U, but I feel I would rather see what they could do using the PS4.

Again, not trolling the WiiU, I have one, I like it a lot.

ChronoJoe1198d ago

The 360 pad is pretty meh for action games anyway in my opinion. Hack and slash games, again, in my opinion feel much better on Playstation pads.

More so PS2 and PS3, than PS4 though in honesty. I think it may be just because the buttons feel more responsive.

I would rather play Vanquish on PS4 personally, but Wii is okay. Heck, doesn't really matter that much to me, PS4 is my preference but I have all three systems.

Army_of_Darkness1198d ago

Vanquish 2 On ps4 would be freakin' EPIC! the first one was Awesome! I just wished they had a game plus where you could carry on your upgraded weapons cause it would have extended the gameplay for me for sure.

Locknuts1198d ago

Same. The digital triggers were a big help. I do still love the 360 controller though.

bouzebbal1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

one of the best action TPS out there!
i hope a sequel is coming, but probably Wii U exclusive knowing the last Platinum track record!

Septic1198d ago

Now I feel silly for missing out on Vanquish. They could do a potential Vanquish game inclusion with Vanquish 2 like they did with Bayonetta 2

breakpad1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

heyyy WTF?? is this Wii U exclusive ..i really hope not...also after the disapointing Bayo 2 sales it would be extremely stupid to release it on Wii U exclusive

WombBat1197d ago

I hope they make it!

Who said it would be for Wii U?

I hope it's not, but if it is, I hope you can use the gamecube controller.

I wonder how the game will play without Shinji Mikami directing

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MegaRay1198d ago

Did Bayonetta sales encouraged Nintendo and PG to do another deal? last i hear, it sold horrible. Then again N4G is unreliable :D

Errefus1198d ago

well we only know physical sales so if they were to add digital sales maybe sales were good? also maybe noneone wanted to pick up this game and they asked nintendo again?

JacketsNest1011198d ago

On a comparative basis with install base, bayonetta 2 better than bayonetta 1.

jcnba281198d ago

Well according to vgchartz it has sold 670k so far worldwide.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1197d ago

Nintendo doesn't look at sales when it comes to determining future relationship with devs. They look at the users receptions.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

I don't see the issue, here.
The system has a healthy enough catalog of games to function as a secondary system, and since you obviously like the game, why would you not get the sequel, if it indeed does come to Wii U?
Bay 2 didn't suffer a degradation in quality from being on Wii U, so neither would this.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

"I don't see the issue, here"

Of course you don't.

freshslicepizza1198d ago

he wants every game to come to the playstation then says the reason why the other systems aren't of interest is because they don't have enough games he wants. does that make any sense?

wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

Yeah, way to ignore the rest of my comment.
Try answering straight for once: will you support the game, as a fan, at least verbally?
Or will you shit on it and discourage sales with every post just because it's on Wii U, if it does become a thing, just like the rest of the haters?

-Foxtrot1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I'm not ignoring it. I just see it pointless to say anything to you knowing what you are like on Nintendo articles.

Anyway chill...

wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

You say its pointless to discuss this with me, when the only point you've made so far is that you wouldn't be able to "get past" this being on Wii U as well.
Then you tell me to chill and claim that you didn't ignore of my post.

Without an actual explanation, you've left me with nothing to go on other than a post that makes it sound like you'd be actively campaigning against this game.

Just answer: will you or won't you show at least verbal support for this game if it hits the Wii U?
If you won't, then there's nothing more to discuss.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

Well first of all I never made that point to you. To be honest it's a controller preference.

Against the game...LOL

See this is what I was talking about making wild assumptions like that trying to make out everyone is out to get Nintendo.

That's why I told you to chill. Trying to make this into something it isn't as you usually do.

Moonman1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Is this about how great the game will be? Because Wii U makes games Not broken. Bayonetta 2 received a 10/10 from Edge of all places.

Or sales? This is what I found for Vanquish sales:

"The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game respectively debuted at number four (48,318 units) and number 14 (11,204 units) on Japanese sales charts during their release week.[41] By the end of 2010, the game sold over 400,000 copies worldwide,[42] and over 950,000 copies as of May 2014."

If PS4 has so many games to play including all those "killer AAA" third party games that Wii U will "never ever get" why do you need Vanquish 2? Something tells me there is a quiet drought on PS4.

smashman981198d ago

OH no were all gonna go through this again if it is. If it is vanquish 2 then all that means is the game wouldnt exist without nintendo

kneon1197d ago

I Can't see why anyone would want it to exist. I played it about 30 minutes, got bored and never played it again. Good thing it was free.

The 10th Rider1198d ago

What exactly would the problem with that be? You're being entirely unreasonable with your responses to Wonderfulmonkayman.

The way I see it, yeah it'd be bad if they went out of their way to buy a game that was going to be multiplatform and make it exclusive...But that was never the case with Bayonetta 2. They made it very clear the game would have never come out if Nintendo hadn't stepped in and picked it up.

If the situation was the same with Vanquish 2, I wouldn't care who swept in and picked it up. I'd rather have the game see the light of day than rot in development hell forever.

LonDonE1198d ago

Exactly! its simple,, if you are a hard core platinum games fan BUY A Wii U!!!!!

Its a great console with somee awesome games and if you know where to look, can be bought dirt cheap!

I hope they bundle in the first game like with Bayoneta.
Either way this will be another great score for Nintendo and core gamers.

joab7771198d ago

Yeah. A new vanquish would be amazing...on PS4. Only b/c I'm not buying a WiiU for it. I do have someone I can borrow it for though.

The 10th Rider1198d ago

As I said above, if it's Vanquish 2 cancelled VS Vanquish 2 released, I don't care what system it ends up on. Honestly, that game was awesome. If they can make it just as awesome on iPhone it could be an iPhone exclusive for all I care.

Big_Game_Hunters1198d ago

You let your enjoyment of games be dictated by something as stupid as "feeling off on a certain console". You sure you are a gamer?

-Foxtrot1198d ago

"You sure you are a gamer"

What the hell does that have to do with anything.

People have controller preferences. Which is why theres so many controllers and accessories out there.

wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

You say you never made that point?
"I can get past Bayonetta but not Vanquish as well."
Those are your exact words.
That means you can't get past Vanquish being on Wii U.
If that doesn't indicate that you're against it, then you're purposefully being misleading with your own statements.

And you still have not answered the question proposed to you.
At this point, teling me to "chill" makes no sense, when you yourself have left your statement in such a negative direction that that's really the only way it can be taken, without proper explanation.

So rather than ducking and dodging, just do the smart thing and answer flat out:
Will you or will you not be showing any support for this game if it hits the Wii U, verbally or otherwise?
Be straight with your answer for once instead of sidestepping again.
A simple yes or no is not beyond you.

If you say no, I'll just leave it at that instead of arguing.

Big_Game_Hunters1198d ago

you should learn how to better articulate your point then.
to any normal person the phrase "Even with the pro controller playing Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U seemed off with me." implies that there is nothing wrong with the pro controller but despite that, the game feels off for you on Wiiu.

That brings something else to attention. I have a hard time believing you think the xbox 360 controller is better for bayonetta than the pro controller. And i doubt anyone thought bayonetta "felt right" on PS3.

MrSwankSinatra1198d ago

If you can't find any implication that he had a distaste for the pro controller then you clearly did not read correctly.

"Even with the pro controller playing Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U seemed off with me."

Key words: Seemed off

Indicating that playing with pro controller felt wrong in his particular experience.

Big_Game_Hunters1198d ago

The key words are actually "Even with".

Notice he never said anything along the lines of "the pro controller seemed off" or "Seemed off because of the controller".

Geekman1198d ago

It felt "off" to you because you don't like the system.

I can't believe you're still on this site by the way. Nothings changed here at all.

never4get1198d ago

Microsoft & Nintendo busy securing exclusive with Platinum Games, while Shuhei Yoshida busy with BloodBorne. Who knows maybe he already secure so much exclusives he can PlayStation.

pcz1198d ago

i hope its a wiiu exclusive

jcnba281198d ago

"Wii U? Oh come on."

So it's okay for Sony to have third party exclusives but when Nintendo does it it's not?


Kcube901197d ago

Wait, what is the problem if it is a Wii U exclusive? What if Nintendo paid for it to be made since sega did not want to pay for it like with Bayonetta 2?

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Metallox1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

No. Platinum posts a twitt featuring their games almost daily, and the messages always include random phrases, just like on this case

Seriously, don't try to find immortality under your bed. It can be Vanquish 2, but this doesn't prove nothing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

It may not prove anything on it's own, but alongside other factors it's looking like there's more to it.
It's fair and sensible to temper expectations, but let people be hopeful, at least.
As an owner of the first game, I would love to see it happen.

deaddragonz1198d ago

I enjoyed Vanquish back in the day. Quite a surprise. I'd be excited for a second one.

Phar0ahad31198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


Skate-AK1198d ago

This is what I guessed at first. I would like it to multiplatform though. This makes me want to go back and try to beat Challange 6. Last trophy I need for the platinum.