E3 2015 Predictions - Nintendo

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"My favorite time of the year is upon us. In just one short week, E3 will start and our favorite game companies will show and tell us about the biggest titles that will be hitting store shelves in the upcoming years. In my opinion, one of the best parts about the show, is the hype and speculation leading up to it. The predictions, the educated guesses, and the straight up prayers are all out on the table all over the internet, so it’s time we here at Gaming Tech United give ours. Without further ado, we’ll end with Nintendo."

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GamingChip791285d ago

I think we'll see a Pokemon game as well. Although I'd like to see a new world, I think that we'll return to the one from X and Y too.

Ballsy prediction on Metroid being unveiled but not discussed as to what platform. I never thought about that. That could give the NX a killer app at launch!

NinjaRichParty1285d ago

It's a questionable prediction, but I think there's a chance that we see a Watch_Dogs-esque reveal of Metroid. Where we see it, but the system it's for is never really specified.

never4get1285d ago

Nintendo Xclusives!...wait... NX confirmed?!

MSBAUSTX1285d ago

Nintendo has already said the NX wont replace the Wii U. So why the ignorant ideas that huge games will be coming to it? They also said that there will be nothing on the NX this year. So why would they announce games on a system that isnt even being talked about this year? The Wii U is here for two more uears so it has 5 years under its belt. Get that through your heads people. It will be Holidays 2017 before we see that system on shelves. They always go 5 years or slightly more.

TripC501285d ago

mind controlled video games please. No batteries needed. NX do it!