"5 Things I Didn't Like About MGS V: The Phantom Pain"

TheArabGamer writes: "During my 18 hours I couldn’t help but have this polarized feeling in my gut. On one hand the gameplay is absolutely solid (heh) and is easily the best the series has to offer but some other elements bothered me.. In my first video I discuss the 5 things I didn't like about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during my playthrough."

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DarkOcelet1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

5- Micro Managing... Ok, here is the thing, maybe you and i wont agree on this but i think this is the best thing ever happened to the series. I am not the type of person who kills enemies in the game so using Fulton to bring them back to the MB and make your equipment stronger, etc etc etc. It has a sense of RPG mechanics like when you capture and recruit powerful people, you get better. "Soldiers themselves also feel unique and are not fodder for your bullets and knife" Honestly that is pretty epic to feel like every soldier is unique and different so its great to recruit them.

4- Filler missions... "Gathering intel can have a huge effect on the game’s difficulty. For instance, when trying to rescue Kaz Miller I didn’t know where he was. I first needed to find and interrogate some soldiers but then discovered a secret document telling me which base he was in" I have read that in your preview and seems to me that the documents in general could have some info that gives are helpful to the missions and those people you capture probably have high stats or contribute in some way yet to be useful later in the game. Also, you can play those missions anyway you want, it doesnt have to be walking in the base CQCing everyone or interrogating them. You can go gun blazing, you can bring Quite and snipe them from afar etc etc etc. There are various types on how you play the missions so it will make them feel less like a chore.

3- No sense of Urgency... Um, in MGS3, your main mission is to stop and kill the Boss not stop Ocelet :D but anyway i think its already explained in the trailer of the game "Cypher sent us to hell but we are going even deeper, take back everything we have lost" So your mission is to kill Cypher and avenge your comrades.

2- Underwhelming Story... I cant say anything about that because i have yet to play the game but i doubt this is true. But i am pretty sure Kojima's vision is really big here and with the small tidbits we are getting in the trailers, the story looks really good.

1- Snake is boring... Ok my friend, i am gonna be honest with you but this is how i would imagine Big Boss after the $hit he went through, you cant expect him to be talkative or have the cool humor he had in MGS3. He literally lost everything. But i will leave my judgement of Snake until i play the game myself.

I get the feeling that you are not a huge fan of MGS like myself because many people who did play the game had nothing but positive things to say about the game. Especially Snake.

And damn, i rattle alot.

RashBandicoot1255d ago

Lool, that was a lot take in :P

Btw I said MGS 1 to 3 is about stopping a nuke. Sure revenge is cool but I didn't FEEL it if that makes any sense. A lot of the attention is focused on building Mother Base. And sure Snake went through a lot but dammit, he doesn't need to be this cold.

Despite my criticism I'm still excited to play the game. I'm sure there's a turn around in the story that will get me hooked. Hopefully at least.

DarkOcelet1255d ago

"he doesn't need to be this cold."

Lets see here...

1- He killed the person he loved the most for his country.

2- His comrades died along with the mother base he spent years building.

3- He was played like a damn fiddle.

4- He went in a Coma for 9 years.

If you can come out of all this without being a cold hearted bastard then you will end up being insane.

There is no happy ending for Big Boss but he is a badass till the end.

"A lot of the attention is focused on building Mother Base. "

Well you are building the Mother Base to get your revenge. Snake has to be prepared to fight them. He cant do that alone.

RashBandicoot1255d ago

@DarkOcelet true he faced hell but so did Kaz. Even if Snake had issues it could have been conveyed better than a blank expression and getting bossed around.

Captain_Wormy1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


Mother Base was built in like two months, dude. Peace Walker takes place in November and I'm pretty sure MB was completed a few months before the events of Ground Zeroes..but yeah he still lost hundreds of his best soldiers and base. :s

Dannycr1255d ago

"he doesn't need to be this cold."

There's a reason why his codename is "Punished Snake"

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house1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

i think at the end of the day this guy isnt a huge fan for mgs which is fine since mgs isnt for everyone. i think its perfect for snake to be the way he is in this game. hes been screwed over so many times and has lost so much. not to mention he lost nine years!
edit: i'm guessing the guy who submitted this disagreed which is hilarious.

joab7771255d ago

Here's the thing. I'm a huge fan of MGS, and I was a bit worried about the open world nature, as I was with The Witcher 3. Fortunately, Geralt is an amzinging character, the world is crafted in an almost unbelievably amazing way, and the side quests are great. It IS an rpg and thus benefits from the fact that it has many deep rpg elements.

MGS isn't an rpg, or hasn't been one before. Now, it's an open world game w/ collections used for motherbase. Open world games ALWAYS have a problem w urgency (TW3 included). And MGS has always been a very urgent game. This will be different, b/c of its open nature and focus on resources.

This said, I have faith that the story will ultimately be great. As far as Snake is concerned, we can role play as fans, and say, "he's supposed to be quiet and boring", but this will NOT be good for the droves of buyers/gamers that will expect more.

I personally love the changes b/c I'm a huge rpg fan. I love the idea of scouring the environment for items to help me build an amazing base. I love grinding in mmo's, but for some reason, I hate secondary objectives like Infamous Second Son and Far Cry. I hate repetitive actions to clear areas etc. Hoepfully, MGS5 isn't like those.

I'm not so worried about myself, b/c as I said, I'm an avid rpg/mmo fan, but I am worried about ppl like this guy, who may not want this type of game. Coming off TW3 and Batman, even MGS is gonna have to bring it. Fallout will be just a month or two later, so the room for error is small. Kojima said that he worried that most ppl wouldn't finish the game b/c it's too big. That could be bad b/c this game isn't being sold as an rpg, a Witcher, or a Fallout type game. It will sell b/c it's a MGS game.

We will see, I guess.

TheColbertinator1255d ago

Reading this made me even more excited for Phantom Pain. Thanks vg station

lazyboyblue1255d ago

Things he did like; The hits he got on his website.

Monstar1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

can't stand another's opinion?, because it differs from yours?...have you even played phantom pain?..NO!

Even i have had doubts since the beginning regarding the game being tedious due to the open world/missions. The story itself NOT being as interesting isn't a surprise also, it seems konami put most of the effort/time in those hardware/graphical/technical aspects...bloaded with features/missions, etc.

They should have kept it a linear experience like past MGS games, with some open world aspects here and there...example (jungle, like in mgs3 boss fight with The End).

I honestly hope MGS fanboys, like myself put aside some of that MGS obsessive love and decide to admit to some of it's downfalls with this one...if indeed they find some after completing the game.

Don't think MGS1,2,3 will ever be topped.

ALSO keep in mind the guy will make another video stating the 5 things he liked about MGS5.

lazyboyblue1255d ago

No I hate the opinions of others. I also jump on the comments of others like a giant leaping troll. I burn books too.

In all seriousness though; you sound like you, already decided to not enjoy The phantom pain as much as other MGS games. I genuinely feel bad for you.

As far as the article goes - I stand by what I said.

Monstar1255d ago

Nah, you just follow the crowd with the overused new hip statement which is "does it for the hitzzz" lol.

But SERIOUSLY....Your mentality is dull. It's MGSV a highly anticipated title, he is clearly stating his opinion and informing gamers/lovers of the franchise of what he thought....much like what a REVIEWER of MANY sites do.

You feel bad for me, because my opinion differs from yours? just dont stop. I don't feel bad, i will get it and finish it, but from what i have seen i don't find it as interesting as the past MGS games.

lazyboyblue1255d ago

I don't feel bad for you because you disagree with my opinion. I don't even have an opinion on the game yet. As you pointed out - I haven't played it.
I feel bad for you because you might not enjoy the game. That's it.

And let me assure you my Friend; I do nothing to appear 'Hip' nor am I in the slightest bit interested in following any crowd. I'm in my late thirties, am probably far too overweight and have a beard FFS. Trust me - I'm far more likely to fracture my hip than be hip.
I just love video games and wish more did.

MrCrimson1255d ago

If there is one thing that is certain in a Metal Gear Solid game is that I will have not a clue what the hell anyone is talking about.

Oh yeah, he's just part of the La-le-lu-le-lo. Oh of course. -nods-.

BinaryMind1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

The La-le-lu-le-lo are the Pariots. I haven't played a Metal Gear game in years and I can still remember that. Honestly, the games are not that hard to follow. If anything, the games are overly-descriptive; describing any minor facet in greater detail than necessary.

Doodleburger1255d ago

Don't speak against MG! The cult of kojima will viciously defend every decision!

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