Gamers Universe Killzone 2 - E3 Hands On

Gamers Universe writes: "Looks like those Guerilla guys are no daydreamers - Killzone 2 has its feet on the right path. The developer's booth at E3 was crammed with journos, note-pads clutched to chests, dictaphones sweaty with anticipation. Everybody was eager to see how the PS3's flagship shooter was shaping up.

There's still some time till release next February, but we got stuck into a pre-alpha demo. An awful lot of the single player campaign saw daylight at E3 (or so it seemed) which is just as well given how long we've been waiting for a taste.

So, to kick off with the obvious question: does it look the business? Yes indeedy. This game has "high-end" and "the real next-gen" stamped all over it in gold ink. Character models lean towards those of Metal Gear Solid- drably attired in camo green and nickel grey, but insanely detailed and beautifully animated. The chiseled industrial environments shatter and explode on either side as you progress (albeit not as comprehensively as those in Battlefield Bad Company); dust and dirt billow realistically over your vision."

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