Ratchet & Clank PS4 can 'match or exceed the fidelity of CG animated movies'

MMGN writes: Sony and Insomniac dropped a bomb on nostalgic PlayStation games this morning, releasing a new gameplay trailer for PlayStation 4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank.

We also have a few new tidbits now, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Well you dropped the series to 30fps for the first time aside from the spinoff titles. The game does look amazing though.

Snookies12897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Still not understanding the issue when we've seen gameplay. It looks really smooth, so why not use resources to further the look of the world around you instead of wasting it on extra frame rate that isn't really needed? Cap it at 30, and make a beautiful world. I'm all for that.

uth11897d ago

Because some people care more about the numbers than the actual game?

Morgue897d ago

Some people like too hear themselves talk.

joab777897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

I've been waiting for the moment when we could literally play a Pixar movie.

It looks stunning. Love the pixel gun lol! I can't wait for this.

This is how I want my Bioshock, DemS and DS remakes to be...from the ground up, a reinvisioning, adding everything you may have wanted to before but couldnt. New weapons and gameplay.

Bobby Kotex897d ago

@morgue Why not cap it at 5fps and go nuts with the graphics? Its obvious you don't know what 60fps gaming is all about, but then again this is PlayStation fanboy central.

freshslicepizza896d ago


they feel based on tests and polls that graphics are more important than higher frame rates.

Septic896d ago

Yeah I don't get the whole issue with 30fps. The game obviously limited frame rate in favour of the amazing visuals and the gameplay looks great. Yes 60fps would have been nice but will it really materially affect the gameplay?

DrRobotnik896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

I want gorgeous visuals. If I want 60fps, I'll go play crazi taxi on Dreamcast. With all it's 5 polygon no texture splendour.

aquaticDonut896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

The point of high framerate isn't just about how it looks, it reduces input lag and makes the game more responsive. It makes games more enjoyable on a fundamental level. Insomniac is functionally choosing improving graphics over improving gameplay.

bjmartynhak896d ago

Well, I don't see the difference very well. Kind of learned over time.

For me it is more about the feeling of the controls. And specially, super specially, in games where you rotate the camera a lot, which is the case of platformers, then 60 fps makes a difference for me.

MyDietEqualsGames896d ago

This game is looking gorgeous. The statements are not hyperbole when the game looks this good in motion. And this video isn't even a good representation of how the IQ looks.

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Kingthrash360897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

The game does look hyper amazing...closest to an animated movie I've seen...ever.
30 frames is a let down....a minor letdown, but as long as it's locked at 30 I have zero problems...imo at least. From the looks of it and givin the huge amount of movement in the background 30 frames might be the best bet for this game. All other ratchets ran at 60...but they looked nothing like this. this is clearly a demanding game and most demanding games are at 30 frames..I'm all in.

super_bruno896d ago

Agree 30FPS is plenty enough if its locked

Rimeskeem897d ago

When I saw the gameplay I couldn't tell it was 30fps. It was so smooth to my eyes.

GenuineGamer897d ago

Exactly. A rock solid 30fps is great for games and with a game like this the trade off of 30fps difference vs better visuals is an easy choice to make.

All these people saying anything less than 60 are just being stingy. 60fps is more necessary for fast paced games like sports, racing and competitive shooters though.

KuroKazuma897d ago

when I saw it, I didnt even think of fps

ufo8mycat896d ago

I have to admit 60fps is incredibly overrated

Having gone straight from playing hours of a 60fps game then jumping to a 30fps game immediately, yes there is a difference. 30fps had that jitter effect when you pan the camera, but here is the great thing, the brain/eyes adjust and after 10 minutes of playing that jitter effect disappears and it is actually smooth.

I guess everyone is different though. Going from 60fps to 30fps has zero impact on my enjoyment of the game or playability/controls.

Conzul896d ago

60FPS is neither overrated nor underrated.

The best kind of gamers have the attitude of, "I WANT 60FPS, but I don't NEED 60 FPS"

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Yodagamer897d ago

Into the nexus was a 30 fps game and it played just fine. Maybe not as smooth as older ratchet games, but still good enough for me.

ChronoJoe896d ago

Into the Nexus is hardly a spinoff title. It directly extends the narrative from the core games, with an additional adventure.

It's shorter, but it's not a 'spin off'. Also, I don't think 30fps has hurt the series one bit, in honesty. Into the Nexus plays really, really well.

GT67896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

This R&C look unknown to us fans. amazing yes, but still unknown . ratchet home planet look unknown . guns took from ACIT,TOD, FFA,QFB and these "LAZY ASSES " call this new and inovative haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa inovative my ass.

and im holding out for this remake of a old game to buy ps4 not anymore .
Insomniac and Ghost games not doing to well in rebooting old franchises.

pwnsause_returns896d ago

Insomniac back when they made R3 stated that from then on out, their games will run at 30fps for visual fidelity. I'm all for it. The true results of that change are right here. If they wanted to, they would of run on 60fps, but that would mean a resolution drop, especially with everything that's going on screen.

RocketScienceLvlStuf896d ago

This looks far better graphically than their last effort which was 30fps and only a mere 900p. Insomniac must be feeling great now they finally get a chance to use hardware that can do justice to their games.

ChronoJoe896d ago

Tools of Destruction looks phenomenal on the PS3 in all fairness, especially for its time.

LamerTamer896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

To render DOUBLE the frames in a second you would need to downgrade the visuals pretty significantly. It isn't just a matter of lowering the resolution a bit (which I don't like either) you also need to reduce other things like lighting, shadows, AF, AO etc. It would just look more bland to get the higher framerate, many decide it isn't worth it.

This game looks good now, hopefully it won't be downgraded too much like everything else these days.

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NukaCola897d ago

Game looks absolutely gorgeous. Is this a remake or reboot? What is the PS4 game in terms of story? I never played the PS2 series, just the Future Trilogy. Crack in Time is one of the best platforming games ever made.

kingdom18897d ago

Its a reboot, made from the ground up as a new game. The only relationition it has to the first is the Story, even then it's only based on it with a lot of additional content (they said there will be worlds that were never seen in the first). The gameplay has been made to match the newer series so its much more faster, also it uses weapons from the first game, the future series, and completely new weapons as well.

uth11897d ago

I thought Knack also looked like a CG movie.

Skate-AK897d ago

Knack looked pretty good sometimes. Just got the platinum for it last night.

Rickman897d ago

The plat on that game is brutal to get. I just have to get every chest on a play through and beat hard and it's mine 😭

Septic896d ago

Knack had some great visuals yeah

Cryptcuzz896d ago

I wonder why its not $60. I would have paid $60 for this game, easily, but if all they want is $40, I will never speak of this again haha.

leahcim897d ago

it will be very "different" to play it at 30fps


Forn897d ago

I'll have no problem loving it.

MasterCornholio896d ago

People had no problem playing their last game in 30FPS so why should they have issues with this one?