GameSpy: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Preview

GameSpy writes: "'Underpromise and overdeliver'is a dusty old business school maxim that kept flashing through our minds at the Codemasters booth at E3 2008. We'd come to the booth to check out a demonstration of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the long-awaited sequel to one of the original "military sandbox" games. What we saw was a very impressive demonstration long on ambition, full of promises, brimming with excitement and woefully short on actual gameplay for a title that's supposed to be released a little over a year from now."

-Fun "sandbox"-style military gameplay
-Tons of realistically modeled weapons and vehicles
-32 players in multiplayer

-No actual gameplay has ever been seen though it's just a bit more than a year from release

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THC CELL3795d ago

this is one game i can not wait for

i hope x box can handle the drawing distance and lag free servers

PS3 and PC for the win with this game

Alcohog3795d ago

Definitely getting this for PC. OP: FP was one of my all time favorite PC games. Was way ahead of its time and very unappreciated.