Move to Digital-Only Gaming Could Be Bad News for Gamers

Recent reports show fewer and fewer games are physical in-store sales. The big losers might be gamers.

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Relientk771137d ago

I will buy physical copies of games as long as they're available, hopefully forever

MRBIGCAT1137d ago

I'm with you. Call me old school but I like the box AND the instructions booklet. Oh the good old days!

CorndogBurglar1137d ago

Most games dont come with instruction books anymore.

Bimkoblerutso1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Yeah, I really feel like it will have a much broader negative effect on gaming's community than people realize.

There is just something utterly satisfying and unifying about having a collection of games that a lot of newer gamers will not understand until they have lived in a 100% digital-gaming era for a decade or two. It makes it feel like...I don't know, we as a community will have nothing tangible to pass on and share and cultivate with later generations that are interested in the industry, ESPECIALLY when we inevitably go to streaming and license-based services.

...or maybe I suddenly became an old fart just now.

freshslicepizza1136d ago

a lot of people prefer physical games because they feel more ownership and control of those games. however from a game publisher and hardware supplier digital makes more sense. the only thing really stopping them is there still isn't an infrastructure in place to reach everyone and expect them to download games that are 50gb each.

it is getting there and services like steam show there is a sustainable platform already but the aaa studios still want to penetrate as large of a market as possible and console suppliers are still in cahoots with retailers. so they don't want to alienate them either.

_-EDMIX-_1136d ago

@Moldy-"from a game publisher and hardware supplier digital makes more sense. the only thing really stopping them is there still isn't an infrastructure in place to reach everyone and expect them to download games that are 50gb each"

50GB and climbing, who is to stay games will stay at 50gb?

Also, its a catch 22, how can it make sense, yet the issue on the infrastructure not being in place exist?

Sooo it actually doesn't currently make sense then. On a techical scale...yes, in a wonder world of make believe where anything goes.....yes.

In doesn't work, it doesn't make sense.

Not enough have a connection to do it, games get larger each gen, and clearly just the option of choice alone as merely having a connection doesn't mean that is the choice of gamers for distribution.

The reality is, for it to happen, you don't just need it world wide set up, you also need gamers to actually choose that method willingly.

ie XONE. Just cause someone things they want to do it, does't make it so. At the end of the day, the market is controlled by gamers. So digital only gaming isn't a "Could be" bad, it is. Period.

No choice, less options. No one wants no choice, 1 option.

Look at Steam, look at PSN, look at XB...take a gander at some of the games that come out last year, notice their prices. They don't need to lower jack, the don't need to discount jack, they can legit just keep it the same price for months if not years.




Mind you..who know what the price would be with zero retail at all, they wouldn't even need to compete, they could just keep it at full price if not near full price for years.

For those buying digital only now on consoles, that can CHOOSE to do that, nothing is wrong with that choice...but it must remain a CHOICE!

Games are growing too fast to even try such a thing, gamers are very much fighting to keep physical as clearly the start of this gen showed.

Mind you as I've stated many, many medium has went to 1 distribution. Yet the one that grows in size and complexity ever few years will? Not likely. If any medium seeks a hardcopy, its games.

UltraNova1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

You now what, I always wanted, when the time arrives to sit down with my child, dust of that N64 and show them Super Mario 64. Its easy cause I kept my N64 and Mario's cartridge.

Yes I know that Mario will be available online at some point but the feeling cannot be replicated since those cartridges/disc are a lot like font memories materialized and are there for me to relieve them with my loved ones whenever I choose to.

What saddens me is that later generations wont have this luxury.

Do we really want that feeling of actually owning something physical gone? Is digital only really worth the sacrifice?

I will always support physical media, no matter what.

Bimkoblerutso1136d ago

^Yeah, it just puts too much power into the hands of publishers and distributors. If all we are ever paying for is licenses - as in basically PERMISSION to play games until they decide otherwise - then what's to stop a ton of lesser games from completely disappearing from the face of the earth because some corporate big whigs decide it's not making them enough money?

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Rimeskeem1137d ago

They take up less HDD room, plus you get a cool case to look at!

Software_Lover1137d ago

They take up the same amount of HDD space.

Mustang300C20121137d ago


No it takes the same amount of space

AzubuEntus1137d ago

But we're destroying our environment with these plastic video game cases.

barb_wire1137d ago

What?!? and you think the making of your console doesn't impact the environment?

annoyedgamer1137d ago

That is corporate propaganda.

Xavior_Reigns1136d ago

Indeed that's also why booklets that were once standard are gone. Poor trees had enough... oh wait now it's just advertising for future games or season pass garbage, guess those trees didn't matter after all.

ajax171136d ago

I totally agree. The only games I download are indies and free PS+ games

Clunkyd1136d ago

Yep, I dont want to be stuck with a game after im done with it within 3-4 weeks. Especially single player games.
Physical is still superior in every way.

Godmars2901136d ago

Except that more and more they're becoming worthless because of the need for patches and updates. Requirement for online.

It sucks but that's how things are being made to be.

Lukejrl1136d ago

Yea but you still have the original copy

Godmars2901136d ago

Which could be unplayable.

How is that not a consideration to you?

deathtok1136d ago

P.T. is the latest in a long line of examples that illustrate why physical media is better than digital.

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Moldiver1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I buy most of my games digitally, unless I see a cheap/used game I want in stores. to be honest I like less clutter in my house so im all in. plus I dont have to sell of my old games when next gen starts because it will all be on HDD. Much like the 149 games I have on MY X360. Not a disc insight. I dont sell my games anyway. Game shops dont pay much, and Im not exactly struggling for money....

"I do not trade my games in nor do I borrow or let friends borrow games and I do buy the games I want to play so no rentals would not bother me either."

Same here. They just come back to me looking like an ashtray or a beer coaster. plus they all my friends are grown folk...they can afford their own games.

RSKnight1137d ago

Same here. I'm all digital, also if you can wait a few months after release (I can, and most times I do) you can get the games at incredible discounts, and I'm not talking Steam discounts for PC, but PSN or XBL games discounts.
I understand that for those who like to have a collection, digital feels like meh.

Moldiver1137d ago

"and I'm not talking Steam discounts for PC, but PSN or XBL games discounts."

Yup! thats how I ended up with so many digital X360 games. I got all the good stuff! and I always bought during sales. I picked up pneuma for 8 bucks yesterday on X1. crazy thing is I now have X1 backlogue in addition to x360 backlogue. I have no idea when Im gonna get round to SSOD because of all my other games. I bought in in the sales back at xmas. six months later, neverwinter, FM5 and FH2, MCC, ori and two BF games dominate my gaming time. I will start playing it once I finish styx though. I want to play SSOD more but I figured I would get the less intresting game out the way first. and styx is a good game. I bought that in the same xmas sale on the same day, and only recently started playing it, so that should give you an idea just how much of these deals I am lapping up. I love it! and the fact that its all there on my HDD ready to play. dont even need to change used to that now. I aint going back to swapping discs to change game. I want to get a kinect at some point so I can just tell my xbox what game to load up while I grab a drink and snacks for my gaming session. I can just yell at it from the kitchen!

RSKnight1136d ago

I know, I have the same problem, a lot of games on backlog. By the way I just finished playing Styx, I loved it more than I was expecting. Great game!

generalwinter1137d ago

I always trade games back in so I hate this trend.

bmwfanatic1137d ago

Since I got ps4 I only buy digital.

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