Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Videos Show How to Kill the Massive Catoblepas and Earn 9,999 XP

Yesterday Square Enix launched patch 2.0 of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, adding the ability to fight the massive Catoblepas that were previously unreachable in the middle of the lake.

Considering the enormously damaging attacks they have, many deemed the challenge impossible without using Ramuh (thus voiding any reward), but it’s doable, and two videos show how.

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t-hall785921d ago

How about you sell the demo for 5-10 bucks so we don't have to buy a game we don't want to play. Even though i hear the game is amazing, I WILL NOT join the remaster movement.

Snookies12921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

People will be getting a free demo at some point, as stated by Tabata. We just don't know when that will be.

t-hall785921d ago

well i didn't know that lil tidbit of info. thanks bro i'll wait. and for the others. i'm sure it's a great game, i'm just one of those guys that wants devs to spend time and money on next gen games since i shelled out 500 bucks for a next gen system. to each his own though. The game definitely looks fun.

Abriael921d ago

Well, Personally, I think Type-0 is one of the best FInal Fantasy games out there, so it's worth a purchase.

That said, you're free to sit out of it.

Eonjay921d ago

Totally agree. I feel like XV was just a bonus. Type 0 is excellent.

t-hall785921d ago

Freedom....yes such a beautiful thing

jambola919d ago

How about you buy the game, get the demo and then sell type-0, if you can't be willing to do that then maybe the demo isn't too important to you.

Snookies12921d ago

Not really worth it for that amount though. I got like 64,000 EXP in one day on there, just fighting enemies and the imperial troops that drop down before night set in. I mean, it's cool to take one down without Ramuh, and I intend to give it a shot. I just wish it paid out something worth the effort in some way or another.

Abriael921d ago

Yeah, I sure wouldn't use it as a farming method (even because I'm not sure if it respawns). It's still nice for bragging rights, tho.

trenso1921d ago

It respawns after two camping cycles (at least for me). Also idk if you want to update this or not but you can use ramuh twice to get its health low, and then attack it and still get 9999 exp.

BiggCMan921d ago

Abriael. All you needed to do was use the summon twice, and then finish the remainder of its health bar. The only time you get 0xp when using the summon is when it kills everything in one blow. But because this thing takes 3 summons to kill, you can just use it twice and then finish it off by spamming armiger. Takes all of 7 minutes or so.

Abriael921d ago

@Trenso: thanks, updated :D

rhap921d ago

And people used to say ATB was boring.

BiggCMan921d ago

Who said that exactly? People who loved Final Fantasy 13 loved the battle system. And people who hated Final Fantasy 13 said the battle system was the best part of the game. So to me it sounds like you are speaking out of your @ss :D

BranWheatKillah921d ago

FFXIII had the worst battle system of all main entry FF games.

rhap921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

So angry. Chill.

The battle system isn't all bad, but there's no real challenge or fun in smashing buttons for 30 minutes. Not saying every fight in the game is like this, but this one makes the game looks boring as hell.

Army_of_Darkness921d ago

The "2 hours later" part killed me LMAO!

Adrian_v01920d ago


It's a demo. I'm sure in the full game when you have magic, equipment, techniques etc you can make it look less boring.

And battling strong enemies in every final fantasy was the same. Only here you have moves linked to buttons while earlier u had to go through menus, which made it take even longer.

jambola919d ago

"So to me it sounds like you are speaking out of your @ss :D" I literally never heard anyone who hated 13 say that, so it sounds to me like only one person here is speaking out of their ass

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jambola919d ago

"but there's no real challenge or fun in smashing buttons for 30 minutes" have you played the game? it's not as easy as it looks

Adrian_v01920d ago

I want the blood back :/ And the party member AI could use some improvement. They could at least try and dodge, each time they get killed within 2 minutes.

NoctisPendragon919d ago

You will have a freed day 1 DLC for the blod and gore stuffs and you can customise your party IA (and even the teampay ) in the final game , you can even give them orders i think .

Cradle_of_Clay_Doll920d ago


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