Has E3 2015 Been Spoiled?

With the biggest show of the year only a few days away, usually gamers are gearing up and preparing themselves for the biggest game announcements for the next year, but it seems as E3 Christmas has come early this year.

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ValKilmer1132d ago

Ugh, yes. Normally I'm so excited to watch all of the press conferences and find out a giant stream of exciting news within minutes, but it seems like there is barely anything left to reveal now.

Is there even a point now?

Rimeskeem1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )


Halo SP show
Star Fox
GoW (both PS and Xbox)
Fallout 4 gameplay
The Last Guardian???

There is still plenty to look forward to even if it's already been announced

ValKilmer1132d ago

True, but seeing gameplay isn't as exciting as a game being announced and seeing gameplay at the same time.

Balega1132d ago

Yes, E3 is dead. Pack your things and go home.

WeAreLegion1132d ago

We have all of the Morpheus stuff to see.

HammadTheBeast1132d ago

But how do you know that something has been revealed if you don't know it exists?

Bigpappy1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Nah. Far from it. At lest not in the case on M$ from where I am sitting. We are yet to see Halo 5 single player in motion, same for Tomb Raider, Forza6, Gears, Scale bond...

Then there is still all the 3rd party stuff, the games that will use DX12 on PC and Xbox and what developers are able to do with that now and into the future.

Many of those so called insiders are fake and many others are sent by the game makers who are actually leaking their own stuff for hype. There are actually very few real leakers.

Sony fans might be starting to feel like it is not that exciting, because Sony admitted that they don't have much to show, but there will be a lot of 3rd party goodness there for them to be excited about and Last Guardian could reveal new footage that blows everyone away.

I have never been more excited to see an E3. Showing a few screen shots of Halo doesn't lessen the hype. Quite the opposite. Most games are announced and then shown at E3 every year. Then there are a few secrets that come during the show. The time is limited, so it makes since to talk about and even show some of it to build hype.

@ValKilmer "but seeing gameplay isn't as exciting as a game being announced and seeing gameplay at the same time." Are you loosing it? What would be more impactful: Sony telling you the names of 15 games they play on releasing, or shutting up and just showing you 3 minutes of in-game footage of 10 unannounced? Exactly. Its when the games are shown and the footage looks spectacular that fans loose their minds.

xKugo1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Mind pointing me to the quote where they said, "We don't have much to show this year at E3."? I don't know about you, but that's a startling confession and would seemingly be all over the internet, possibly serving as a strong disincentive to NOT buy tickets to their E3 theater showings around the country. You should really share this type of knowledge with your fellow gamer.

jb2271132d ago'd be more likely to say Sony must have a lot to show, otherwise they would've saved the Hellblade & Ratchet & Clank footage for the show. Sounds to me like even marquee titles like R&C aren't big enough to warrant full reveals on their show, a show that is longer than MIcrosofts show by a decent bit. Why would they mark out more time than MS if they had nothing at all to show? Seems to me like the Halo stuff is from GI which has nothing to do with E3, so chances are higher that MS has no new games to show than the idea that Sony doesn't at this point. Haven't seen a single leak from MS other than the bogus Silent Hills rumor, so either MS has MUCH better control over leaks, or we will be finally seeng gameplay footage from announced games & not much else at their presser...definitely be cool to see but bit much potential in the way of surprises. These narratives can be spun in whichever direction you want, end of the day we will have to wait & see what actually happens.

Gority1132d ago

Sony said their lineup was "sparse" this year. Which can mean thin, but also means scattered, which you can make a case for either. They did not say their E3 lineup was sparse this year. Big difference.

Gority1132d ago

I mean.... tough to tell when we don't know what surprises there will be. Easier to say after E3.

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d_g1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )


and the most things that have been Spoiled is :

ratchet & clank gameplay
gears of war remastered gameplay
halo 5 info
Need for Speed
fallout 4

i even made Montage for E3 but i hope there will be new games at E3

Roccetarius1132d ago

It's inevitable that E3 is spoiled these days with insiders ''leaking'' info. Maybe there's something lucky enough to not be revealed yet, but i doubt it.

ValKilmer1132d ago

Would you prefer that insiders didn't leak info to preserve the surprise, or do you prefer getting the news as early as possible?

trenso11132d ago

I wish they didnt leak anything tbh and next year im going on media black out a month before E3 except for games that im closely following up until release date.

Roccetarius1132d ago

Personally i would prefer to be surprised, as i'm sure many others would as well.

Travis37081132d ago

I would rather get news as soon as possible, instead of wating that's so I can get ready for what's coming out..

Satyre281132d ago

Why are you guys acting like this doesnt happen every single year... There will always be leaks, rumors etc. If you really think that everything has been leaked you are highly misinformed, i am willing to bet that not even half of the announcements have been leaked.

Agent_00_Revan1132d ago

But it is happening more and more thanks to social media and how fast it is. But yes, many prove to be false.

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