Check Out Six New Leaked Halo 5 Screenshots and New Gameplay Info

A few more screenshots of 343's upcoming Halo 5 have surfaced on the web and they look rather neat.

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gangsta_red1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Those screenshots look great. Love the breakdown and the changes they made to the MP. Good to see 343 listening to the fans.

ABizzel11199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

It looks good enough to me, especially considering it's aiming for 60fps. There's only 6 shots, so it's not enough to get a sense of what the game looks like overall.

The artstyle is great, and the lighting is good with nice reflections. The materials all look great and really give it an future space look, and overall it looks like Destiny, but a better and obviously 60fps.

The only bad thing is the texture quality is flat, but that's seems to be where their trade off was to get 60fps. The ground is a flat bare texture in the 3rd pic, leaves and plants look original xbox level in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pic.

That being said the scale of levels should make up for this, as will great looking materials.

Overall it's about what I expected graphically considering they were aiming for 60fps.

gangsta_red1199d ago

Yea, my thoughts are the same. The attention to detail was placed where it needs to be so i can forgive if the shrubbery isn't blowing my optic nerve endings out the back of my head.

With 60fps the game is going to be moving at a very fast paced and won't allow players to stop and smell the roses.

I'm not a huge Halo fan but I am curious to see how this looks in motion.

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hamburgerhill1198d ago

People are probably disagreeing because they don't agree with you. Maybe they simply have a different opinions and didn't see the need for you bringing up destiny.

IVanSpinal1198d ago

Its because that map looked ugly, but the other maps looked great, even the forge map looked better than that map in the picture

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Bobby Kotex1198d ago

Hoping this game is good. Likely to be the only Xbox game I buy this entire year.

BallsEye1198d ago

It's still multiplayer beta (can spot by lower resolution). I want to see SP in 1080/60

XanderZane1199d ago

The game looks incredible. Can't wait to see it in action.

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Eterna1Ice1199d ago

Incredible? Really? More like solid.

kraenk121199d ago

It looks ok. Incredible?! No

NiteX1198d ago

Kinda just looks like Destiny to me.

tuglu_pati1198d ago

Did you played the Beta? because unless they changed the art style it doesn't look anything like Destiny.

XanderZane1197d ago

It doesn't look anything like Destiny. It will look 5x's better then the Halo 5 beta test that many of us played. That game was in 720P and still looked decent. Halo 5 will be in 1080P 60fps. E3 is going to a lot of fun this year.

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Rimeskeem1199d ago

Is there any way we could get these images uncompressed?

chrish19901199d ago

Sorry dude, that's the way they came :(

MasterBaker1199d ago

Not yet, but Frankie confirmed that it's pretty much the beta code. So it's actually not the final build. It will look way better.

tuglu_pati1198d ago

Where did Frankie confirmed that?

OhMyGandhi1198d ago

yeah, hit "enhance" several times, and make sure you say it each and every time. Remember, the camera is going to be focused on your backside, so we'll need you to look inquisitive, studying the image, as it becomes gradually more clear. We need you to sell the idea that that this blows the case WIDE open, and upon seeing the uncompressed image, take your hat, your jacket, grab your partner and run out of the door, with a confident smirk on your face.

raggy-rocket1199d ago

This is quickly looking to be the best halo game so far in story, gameplay, and content. Excited for it!
Will miss 2 player split-screen though :(

Rimeskeem1199d ago

The one thing I really loved about Halo was the splitscreen. Not having it in the game anymore makes me really sad.

raggy-rocket1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I hear ya, but I guess they're counting on online play so they can really make the game look and feel as good as possible. This is 343's consolation package, and the astounding visuals, expanded lore, great multiplayer and overall 35 free maps is good enough for me for no split screen.

Rimeskeem1199d ago

Ok, not the one thing, I love many things about Halo but the splitscreen was definitely number 1 or 2.

peowpeow1198d ago

I don't get it..

Split-screen is optional.. it would only affect the look and feel IF YOU WERE USING IT :S I'd gladly take a lower-fidelity split-screen over none at all

ginsunuva1198d ago

We have a psychic here.

LonDonE1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Game looks awesome and easily it is my most anticipated but i got to say, some of the textures look FUGLY in those pics! I will wait till the proper reveal to judge it.

I think maybe they should of just made single player 30 fps with lavish graphics while multiplayer is scaled down at 60fps.

Regardless i still have hope! Halo 4 in mcc looks stunning while still 60fps native 1080p, so a game built ground up on X1 should look even better.
Its the problem with leaks, they r not always flattering or the best quality.

Those character models looked stunning, and this is the game ms needs to be flawless and stunning, to show the doubters just what the X1 can achieve! dx12 with all of ms behind it gives me hope.
I love my X1 and look forward to the gears remake, halo 5, forza 6 and tomb raider this year.
Either way i will love it.

SirJoJo1199d ago

Those pics are of the multiplayer, same maps from the beta

LonDonE1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Yes i know i played the beta, regardless they have FUGLY textures! not sure if these pics are from the same build of the beta or more recent?

If it is from the beta, its nothing new and shouldnt be classed as a leak.
Am just going crazy to see campaign gameplay and also the new multiplayer mode.

Imagine a BTB mode akin to battlefield, also the co op sounds great too.
The game looked good in the beta and played smooth.

I just hope single player has brutes, elites flood etc I want varied enemies and mission types, halo 4 fighting prometheans got boring fast and although I loved the campaign the lack of variety in enemies got stale!

This game is off the scale for hype and having Sony pown Ms so bad is making them so much more desperate and in turn they will work harder to please us the gamers! It's win win.

Seriously playing through the master chief collection over a whole weekend was like a religious experience lol I love Ms for giving us the most epic game collection ever! Yes at launch multi player had problems but it has worked flawless for a long time now!
I urge EVERY HALO FAN to buy an X1 and the mcc and play through all the games at 1080p 60fps, the way all games should be played!!!

MasterBaker1199d ago

@LonDone it is beta code. Not final.

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