E3 Predictions - Square Enix

Player2's final predictions article looks at what Square Enix may bring to E3 2015

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Footyspacecadet1202d ago

Ha sounds like they played Just Cause 2 they same way I did.

Mapsman1202d ago

No mention of a new Hitman game... I think there is a chance.

SpamnJam1202d ago

Yeah I would have thought that is a likely one. Probably more likely than Sleeping Dogs 2

Hewso1202d ago

I agree it was strange that none of our writers thought of Hitman. Guess it isn't high on their wishlists.

SpamnJam1202d ago

I would also like to see something more from Legacy of Kain. If that was an announcement then world would explode with old guys like me combusting with Hype

Hewso1202d ago

Oh man. That would be awesome. The Legacy of Kain games, especially Soul Reaver 1 and 2 were awesome

isarai1202d ago

I really think Sleeping Dogs 2 is very likely United Front has Two teams that have just been sittin quietly since the first game released, and Triad wars really isn't using much of their staff at all according to the credits in the beta (only like 30 people) and since it's really the same exact assets and map with some basic RPG elements added and small bases put around the map that are all the same exact model just pasted around. I'm really wanting it to be announced, hope it does

1201d ago
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