Is Platinum Games Working On The Next Devil May Cry Game?

E3 is round the corner, this is when speculations run wild. So, why not revel in it? Scalebound producer JP Kellam tweeted IGN's article which stated that Platinum Games will reveal their next game at E3 2015. What's interesting is the tweet which says " It will surprise you. Might even make you cry".

Now, I wouldn't be as dense to simply bank on that tweet. Two years ago, it was revealed on the Playstation 3 board of GameFAQs that Hideki Kamiya was open to making a DMC game. It is well known though that he hasn't moved on from his crush on Dante.

Also, interesting is the fact that both DmC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 are getting a special edition released for the next-gen consoles (and PC DMC 4's case). Normally, studios release and HD remaster of games right before their sequels arrive to increase potential customers. This could be no different.

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Snookies121202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I... Would be okay with this, so long as it's not Ninja Theory again. Going out of their way to mock fans of the series was not cool.

Transporter471202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Yeah, I think it was a slap to the face. Smart move right? Lets piss of the fans who are looking forward to buy this game. I honestly didn't enjoy DmC much. I am a huge DMC fan, and it was not my cup of tea. It was an alright hack and slash, but it wasn't a true Devil May Cry game.

Paulino301202d ago

I actually liked the game. It was better than devil may cry 4, that game was crap. That scene with Dante dancing with the rose in his mouth made me cringed.

Darkwatchman1202d ago

I'm glad they had the balls to do that. I applaud them for giving the finger to fans that can't handke change.

RazMaTaz01211202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I agree with Transporter47. At this point people need to understand that DmCs criticism wasnt just about "the hair". The character was dull, there was a blatant plot hole with Mundus not even knowing about Vergil when there was a super sized painting of the whole family at Spardas house where Mundus killed Eva. I did get the definitive edition and it was ok, glad they bumped up the framerate and speed of the gameplay, but the voice actor and there view of Dante was quite frankly sh!t. Enemies were an absolute joke and had no imagination, infact, they were forgettable, the only 2 characters that really stood out were Phenus and their version of Vergil, aside from that, it was easily forgettable.

Would i want DmC to replace DMC? Hell no, even till now, for a game thats 8 years old, there is alot of buzz surrounding the DMC4 SE. DmC will never have or never will get that level of buzz because there is a good number who felt it was a decent action game, but it was no DMC game.

Baka-akaB1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Many fans would handle the change , if DmC wasnt just more of the same , but lite in content and gameplay , with a different coat of paint . It took Devil May Cry's gameplay and challenges , dilluted them , color coded encounters and added mediocre semi-auto platforming . That's it . And we can easily defy its fan to claim otherwise and advance new gameplay features from the game

DmC originally didnt bring anything new to the franchise , beside Ninja Theory's sense of aesthetic and game designs , wich people may or may not enjoy .

truly "having balls" would imply doing something different for the gameplay , not trite controversity for the heck of it

-Foxtrot1202d ago

The new one was such a big slap to the face towards DMC fans

I still can't believe it got such great scores when the game is inferior to past DMC games gameplay wise and even story wise.

deaddragonz1202d ago

I still think DmC should have been a separate IP...

Concertoine1201d ago


You wanna know what made me cringe? DmC's crap combat.

I could link some of the awful attempts at making Durte cool, like his obnoxious slur through dialogue, being a dick to people for no reason, or just swearing profusely. Yeah, DmC Dante's is soooo edgy.

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ABizzel11202d ago

I honestly think NT's DmC had a much better set-up than all 4 previous games combined story and lore wise. It gave DMC a real story that none of the other games evolved beyond a mediocre anime plot.

That being said gameplay while acceptable, was not DMC at all, and that's where Platinum would absolutely kill it.

The last bit that needs changing would be Dante as a character. DmC Dante was okay, and has potential to grow, but he's not quite there yet. Old Dante was just badass by nature due to the gameplay and.....charm???? Old Dante was a smart @$$ and cocky just like DmC Dante, but DmC Dante is more douche still cocky while Old Dante is a confident and charming cocky.


*Keep Limbo from DmC, much better than dusty old cathedrals.
*Keep the lore change of DmC, but make Dante more like his original self (have both character models to serve both fans)

*Bring back TRUE DMC gameplay
*Make the game less gritty DmC, and more carefree DMC
*tons of weapons and items

75% DMC
25% DmC

-Foxtrot1202d ago

You sound like you would want them to continue with dmc

I'd rather see them reboot it like the old games OR just do DMC 5

The new Dante, the story, the world, the gameplay are terrible compared to DMC.

ABizzel11202d ago


I think DmC had some good ideas with the story, lore, and world (limbo), but I don't think that game needs a continuation.

Those 3 things however need to be fleshed out more for DMC5, because the last 4 games aren't well renowned for their amazing story, settings, and lore.

DMC sold simply off the fact that Dante was cool, and the gameplay was amazing for the time (3 & 4 are still great gameplay wise).

They need to flush out a good story which Ninja Theory almost did (the premise of demons in control of government and media was a great idea, the execution was off a bit though). Making Dante half demon and half angel opened the door for more flexibility with power sets and potential cast, and really shined a light on his mother and her sacrifice, as well as Sparta. Finally Limbo just makes more sense then demons running around old cathedrals.

They can make a new DMC5, but it would be wise to take what they learned from DmC and build a new foundation off of those ideas, even if it's completely redone reboot again back towards its original roots.

Relientk771202d ago

It's definitely time again for another Devil May Cry game

comebackkid98911202d ago

JP even tweeted we;re going to be seeing red ;)

Moldiver1202d ago

I hope not. besides, didnt we get a whole heap of DMC last gen? give the series a little break, capcom.

Makis_Husbando1202d ago

Two games and an HD collection is "a whole heap"? I can't imagine what you make of something like Assassin's Creed, then. I appreciate that it probably seemed like we kept hearing and hearing about DmC on account of gaming press going to bat for Ninja Theory, but in truth they don't put a lot of these games out.

Platinum would be the best choice of developer if you have to outsource it, and NT made sure the bar is set very, very low.

Moldiver1202d ago

"Two games and an HD collection is "a whole heap"?"

In one console cycle, yes. Maybe its because I played those DMC games last year. The whole thing is still fresh in my mind, but I got burned out on the gameplay. Was more DMC than I really wanted. So for me, I dont want to play DMC again for at least another 2-3 years.

"I appreciate that it probably seemed like we kept hearing and hearing about DmC on account of gaming press going to bat for Ninja Theory, but in truth they don't put a lot of these games out. "

I agree with this and in relation to my post, I personally feel like its a bit much, even if that has not been the case. Feels like just yesterday I ws running through that collection. I skipped the HD remake of ninja theories game too. Was just too soon for me.

PS. I havent played the last 3 AC games. I was close to getting unity but it seems like they never really truly fixed that game so I passed. shame because I like the idea of well executed co op assination attempts and heists. But I digress.

Baka-akaB1202d ago

??? the first three Devil May Cry were on a same cycle ... sp yeah you're just burned out .

besides DmC is a fallacious entry by many fans' account .

" I dont want to play DMC again for at least another 2-3 years. "

Well it's probably within the timeframe for a new devil to release anyway

Qrphe1202d ago

Do you know who directed DMC1? Do you know who works at Platinum right now?

gangsta_red1202d ago

Gawd I hope so, this is where that series belongs. If Capcom did hand the game to Platinum then it would restore my faith in Capcom most definitely.

Metallox1202d ago

I think it will be a Nintendo exclusive game.

- This thing about Bayonetta 2's director retwitting Nintendo's Digital Event twitt.
- IGN has unveiled many Nintendo exclusive games in the recent time.
- IGN's coverage will begin five hours after the conclusion of the Nintendo Digital Event.
- PlatinumGames producers stating that they want to continue their relationship with Nintendo.

Baka-akaB1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Unless Capcom get paid an hefty sum to compensate lost sales , i dont picture Devil May Cry going Nintendo exclusive , especially at the behest of an external studio .

Metallox1202d ago

I forgot to mention it, but I'm not stating that this hypotetical DMC game will be the Platinum title that it's going ot be revealed next Tuesday. Could be anything, but I think it's going to be a Nintendo exclusive game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1202d ago

It possible considering.

Dante Costume DLC just released for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Project X Zone 2 has Dante.

Baka-akaB1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Not really , deals for costumes are common and meaningless . Even more so when a company all the franchises involved in the dlc deal .

And Project X Zone is a crossover of franchises .

Even if it was an ill-fted attempt driven by the wrong reasons , Capcom was trying to get the franchise to sell more millions , they wont settle for wii u exclusivity when thye are hurting for sales and brand recognition for some of their "fallen" franchises

mshope101202d ago

Devil May cry wii u exclusive confirmed. Lots of gamers crying was the hint . because that's what gaming is today gamers crying about everything.

saukelover121201d ago

dont be selfish,ninetdo has bayonetta

Metallox1201d ago

Take note: I don't want the game to be exclusive for Nintendo consoles, I think it will be, which is entirely different.

What do I exactly want you say: that everyone should be able to play it.

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