E3 2015: The biggest disappointments from 2014

"E3 is always the time of year to get excited for upcoming games, but not all of those games pan out. To help temper some of the enthusiasm for E3 2015, let's take a look at some of the biggest games from E3 2014 that didn't turn out so well."

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crazychris41241287d ago

Remember guys disappointing doesnt mean the game is trash, just didnt live up to peoples expectations.

Anyway this list is pretty solid and I would have added Halo MCC for its launch problems that weren't fixed until earlier this year, Watch Dogs because of a ton of reasons that would take me all day to go over and COD AW which had a decent single player but the multiplayer was horrible with relentless campers, annoying community and some design flaws.

Satyre281287d ago

The biggest disappointment for me is without a doubt Destiny. The game has such a small amount of content that its pretty much a joke. After a couple days i was done everything and had to farm the same things over and over again, and idc what game it is that gets boring and quick. The game had so much hype from Sony and Bungie talking about how this has never been done and how the game is HUGEE, just one huge disappoint for me tbh.

Nosred1287d ago

The order the most hype of all, it was like being punched in the stomach.

Eidolon1287d ago

I think the hype died down way before the release.

tweet751283d ago

It's always fun to go back and look at old e3s and laugh at how many hyped games just faded away or were duds