Disable Hairwork Only On Geralt in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is one of the best, most hardware demanding game currently in the market. The game offers extensive visual options. One amazing option in the game is Hairworks that add real-time hair effects on the characters. However, this amazing feature takes a great hit on the performance (some users reported frame-drop to the low 20s). However, according to the reports, the performance drops more when the Hairworks on Geralt or working, it doesn’t imply on the other monsters. Sadly, if you turn this off by default, it will disable the hairworks throughout the game.

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megatron007331255d ago

That's I can play without getting low fps

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kingmushroom1255d ago

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Grap1255d ago

did anyone try it if it's working?.

Adexus1255d ago

Yep, still an FPS loss but it's only 7-10fps so not too bad.