Epic Games:Unreal Engine 4 And DX12 Will Allow Developers To Squeeze Out Even More From The Xbox One

Epic Games' Ray Davis on the impact of DirectX 12 in games development.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima898d ago

Good to hear. Hopefully we'll see some DX12 games built from the ground up and we can judge ourselves.

nicksetzer1898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Considering MS is using it for multiple first party games I assume MS worked closely with unreal to build this new engine with DX12 in mind. I am sure unreal engine will work very well with XB1 and DX12 PC's because of that. They said they were using it exclusively for a few studios back when they bought gears.

christocolus898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Definitely. Epic also worked closely with Lionhead and The Coalition.i'm sure they are working closely with other Ms studios working with UE4.

Can't wait to see Gears 4 and Rare's upcoming projects. both games will definitely push UE4.

breakpad898d ago Show
BeefCurtains898d ago (Edited 898d ago )


Or maybe it's because DX12 wasn't ready yet? As evidenced by the fact that.... It hasn't been released yet. Duh....

By your logic, no future improvements can be made because they should have already existed??? What??? Do you even understand DX11, Dx12, Vulkan, Mantle, etc? How about general technological advancement?

On topic, i also think we've all heard enough "talk" and hype about DX12. I, for one, am ready to see some tangible results, if they exist for X1.

hello12898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

[email protected] Devs had already started developing games with the DX11 api, for those games had to come at launch and afterwards on time. Devs have deadlines and targets to keep they can't just stop and change over to DX12.

Devs had to learn about DX12 first and why do you think Microsoft held those build conferences for the devs last year?

Most games in development have a 2 year dev cycle if not more time. Lot of those games came out at launch were ported to 360/PS3 DX12 is more suited for next gen development on xbox one and PC..

You have to remember also PC games uses DX11 replacing the API will take time and it has to be adopted.

Pogmathoin898d ago

Breakpad filling in for gamenamefame? Complete rubbish,mif Naughty Dog said something similar it would be bible....

nicksetzer1898d ago

@breakpad "cmon you r lowering yourselves by believing such BS"

What BS are we believing? That unreal is an engine that is already optimized for DX12? Obviously ease allows devs to improve visual quality. Noone is saying unreal or DX12 is going to change the entire landscape of console graphics....

All I said was that unreal seems to already be specifically tailored for XB1 and PC's woth DX12 due to close relation with MS.

Man, you guys are really starting to get touchy ....

Eonjay897d ago

This is incredibly old. If you remember back when Microsoft purchased Gears. They announced that Epic was working closely with them to have Unreal Engine run as good a possible on the system (Gears WILL continue to use Unreal).

Then, during E3 last year, Microsoft announced that they were working with Epic to make Unreal work even better and the first game to show these result will be Fable.

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blackout897d ago

We already knew this. Try this out, Oculous is coming to the Xbox One. Crazy Announcement.

TheGreatGamer898d ago

Good to hear from a noteworthy developer in the industry, excited for the future of XB1

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TRS_Gear897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you proof of how inept a portion of the N4G community is. Blinded by their biases and loyalty to a corporation that wouldn't pee on them if they were on fire. Just to make a pathetic effort to dismiss any positive comment regarding the console their sole tells them must be destroyed.

Clearly I am speaking of the 8 disagrees with TheGreatGamer's comment.

The audacity of people to poo-poo on a comment so simple, genuine, and innocent. That would be like the comment "I like pizza" in a thread about pizza getting several disagrees. We would all know the underlying Calzone and stromboli lobbyists were behind such dislikes.

fiveby9897d ago

Why do we keep having to hear about an API? This strikes me as odd. Clearly MS is fighting a perception of being less powerful and it is hurting sales. But at this point let's just see the real world benefits. All this 'future so bright I gotta wear shades" talk is potentially snakeoil. If you like X1 then buy it on it's merits today not what is promised but not delivered for the future.

gangsta_red898d ago

"given that there are so many conflicting views regarding the impact of DirectX 12 on Xbox One"

There are a lot more views that DX12 will impact the Xbox One than anything else. It will be interesting to see what it can do for games made with it on the Xbox One.

christocolus898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Not surprising. Just take a look at Fable, that game looks amazing and it isnt even built ground up with DX12.. i'm happy Rare will be using UE4 for one of their unannounced projects. Cant wait.

Bigpappy898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

I noticed that too. I think a lot of people are going to shocked at how great Fable: L'gs looks at E3. In fact all the first party games and Tomb Raider will be very aesthetically pleasing.

@crazychris4124: One would assume "We all know its going to get a boost", but here on N4G, some seemingly prefer the head in the sand ass in the air approach to any positives for Xbox one.

vega275898d ago

@ christocolus

A big part of me hopes that unannounced game from rare is perfect dark. I really miss that game and would love to get one for this gen.

gangsta_red898d ago


I know a lot of people are expecting a new Banjo game from Rare but I really hope it's not Banjo. A new game or even a new Perfect Dark would make me dance through the streets.

christocolus898d ago

@Vega & Gangsta

Perfect Dark would be awesome. but i actually want a new ip. They are working on multiple projects at the moment so all our wishes could come true.

vega275898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

@ gangsta_red

I don't know about dancing in the street. Although that would be know what. The hell with it. I would do a jig if it did happen.

@ christocolus

You could be right. I just cant wait til monday to find out what they are up to.

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crazychris4124898d ago

Hopefully at E3 we finally get some solid info on DX 12 and X1. We all know its going to get a boost, how much of a boost is the billion dollar question.

Software_Lover898d ago


Let's just end this rhetoric and make good games devs. More pixels does not make a game automatically great, or even good. You have more power to work with, good, now just focus on the core experiences.

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