New NVIDIA DX12 Tech Demo Shows Spectacular Ray-Traced Visuals

During this year’s Computex, NVIDIA presented an amazing DirectX 12 tech demo. This tech demo featured ray traced shadows, sparse smoke and interactive volumetric smoke (that take advantage of DX12’s exclusive volume tiled resource and sparse fluid simulation features), as well as screen space reflections.

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Codewow1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

We always see these tech demos... I can only ever be impressed when it's actually applied....

Articuno761282d ago

True. But the good news at least is that some of these techniques or not only pretty but computationally less expensive than the alternatives <-- which means we might realistically see them being used.

never4get1282d ago

NVIDIA bring back beautiful girl tech demo!

Moldiver1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Hey, what do you guys think of this? I was thinking of picking one up in august.

crazychris41241282d ago

Might as well wait for the GPUs with HBM

SteamPowered1282d ago

Isn't that only an AMD thing? Unless there is a massive price difference, I stick with team green. There are some nice perks nvidia cards offer.

Dasteru1282d ago


The name HBM is AMD only but the tech is not. Nvidia actually announced it first for the Pascal and Volta GPUs. Pascal is planned for release next year.

SteamPowered1282d ago

I know this is always an inevitable answer but : I would wait on it. AMD is dropping their 300 series at a really nice price. This in turn may force a drop in the nvidia camp. The 980ti already dropped $50.
Personally I'm going to wait until fall for an upgrade. I want a portable rig for VR and I'm hoping by then they do a 980 6gb variant, or drop the price on the 980ti.

Roccetarius1282d ago

Nvidia's HBM GPU's will see the light of day next year, so AMD has a one year headstart in that area.

jmd7491282d ago

No, get a GTX 980 TI instead. Titan X performance for almost GTX 980 price. 6GB vram and 384 bit memory bus width.

Moldiver1282d ago

Now this sounds good. Ill take your advice and steams advice to wait. Im sure we will see price drops in august, maybe ill hold off one more month and see what september brings. If I can keep things under 450-470(If I really have to) then I'm in!