Street Fighter 5 V-Trigger activates with damage, 'V-Skill' detailed; March 2016 & new stage

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"In the latest issue of's gaming magazine, an article that provides some juicy details on Street Fighter 5 was featured.

We learn that moves such as Nash's teleport and Chun-Li's double fireball can be used while V-Trigger is activated. In order to do so, players must fill up their V-Gauge by taking damage.

Additionally, we learn of a new mechanic called "V-Skill." This is a defensive mechanic that allows for characters like Ryu to parry and M. Bison to reflect fireballs. While information on V-Skill is scarce, we're guessing it also utilizes the V-Gauge."

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IrisHeart1259d ago

"5 won't have any Ultra versions"

Yeah they said that about SF4 as well...