Does Sony's New Groupon PS4 Bundle Indicate a Price Drop?

A new 1TB console and price drop could be imminent, as Sony today unveiled a Groupon PS4 bundle just days before its E3 media briefing.

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jmrallen1050d ago

Seems likely. Sales like this could help unload any inventory they've been sitting on and pave the way for the new larger HDD models. Of course, there may not be that many people who don't already own a PS4 anyway....

kevnb1050d ago

I would say there are billions around the world who don't have one.

joab7771050d ago

Yep. And unless Sony has some surprises for E3, MS will have a huge advantage this winter and holiday. They won last yr with a price drop (though Sony weathered the push).

I don't think Halo and Gears will be enough to push xbone to ps4 numbers, but it will help for sure.

So, as Sony has probably been planning, they will launch their own price drop and marketing campaign to keep pace.

And why not get more PS4 in ppl houses. It can only help. I honestly thought the lower PS4 price at launch was a sign of things to come for Sony regarding company philosophy...and it would extend to TV'S and Mobile phones...but no.

I'm a big believer in Samsung ' s model. Make an affordable line, sign deals with Verizon etc., and just get your product in consumers hands. Sony initially did this with the ps4...let's hope they continue.

gangsta_red1050d ago

I always turn to Groupon for extra controller deals.

StinkiWan1050d ago

I've never really bought anything game-wise on Groupon. Is it a good route, and do they have deals often?

gangsta_red1050d ago

Yea they really do, but you have to check with them often.

jmrallen1050d ago

That's all well and good, but there's a big difference between a controller and a console. There's a little more investment involved in something like this. This amounts to a free game, and it's not a refurbished unit like MSFT's deal.

optimus1050d ago

I don't know why people are so afraid of anything that is refurbished. Sometimes a refurbished item can simply be an open item or that it got scratched and nothing else...and if it was indeed damaged then it went back to the manufacturer, was fixed as-good-as-new and most likely tested more than a new item...i would have jumped on that refurbished x1 if i had known about it sooner.

rainslacker1049d ago

About half the time a refurbished item is simply something that was returned and can't be sold as new. It's pretty common in electronics, since most companies have a open return policy. Most of the time, when it's sold as refurbished in a store, all that was done is it was put into a new box and relabeled, no actual work was done. Sometimes this can be bad if an item was returned as defective, but most of the time, being defective is just the reason people use to justify the return.

I've brought several refurbished items with no problem. Most of the time they are in new condition.