15 E3 2015 PS4 Games That We Can't Wait to See

Push Square: "We've got a backlog of articles as long as our legs, we're living on a diet of Pot Noodles and tea, and the rumour mill is rotating so fast that it's about to fly off its spindle – it must be E3 2015. While the industry always delves into a frenzy around this time of the year, we wouldn't be doing this job if we didn't enjoy the insanity – after all, this is what being an enthusiast is all about. Of course, the build-up is just as fun as the aftermath, so we figured that we'd put together a list of 15 upcoming PlayStation 4 games that we simply can't wait to see next week. We've decided to stick with titles that we know are coming, but haven't been outlined in enormous detail just yet. Of course, you're welcome to share your selections in the comments section."

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Relientk771166d ago

I'm ready to see Persona 5 and some JRPGs

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1166d ago


But I'm most excited to see UC4's multiplayer. Hope it's more like UC2 than UC3. Persona 5 is prolly my most anticipated JRPG behind KH3.