Playstation TV now $40 new / $30 used at GameStop

Still don't own a Playstation TV? Want one for PS4 remote play? Prices on the unit just dropped lower than ever before, with used units now going for $30.

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Nonscpo1013d ago

Dammit why are these thing still on sale? There practically giving them away at those prices.

mrbojingles1013d ago

The cheaper the better for gamers. I already have a Vita but for $30 I'm buying one!

donthate1013d ago

I suppose cheaper is better, but I think more concerning is why aren't these selling? Even at the existing prices, I don't see a real value for PS TV.

I mean I paid more for mine and only use it for streaming my PS4. That is the only feature worth anything to me, but damn is it a f'in good feature! :D

ThanatosDMC1013d ago

They're making them competitive against Roku, kindle sticks, chromecast and other streaming devices. Good for gamers.

S2Killinit1013d ago

I think the streaming alone is worth the price at this point.

rainslacker1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

For the price why not get one? Can't really go wrong. That's less than a single game. If you have PS+ then it's a no-brainer...particularly if you've been adding Vita/PSP/PS1 games to it all this time.

There are good games on it. Stop believing the "no games" thing. For $30-40, you'll likely find several things that are worth playing that are probably going to be better than any given game one might buy day one for the remainder of the year.

GameSpawn1012d ago

I'd get one at that price just for the Remote Play to effectively have my PS4 in two rooms. I'd have to shell out for another DS4 as my second one is kinda broken, but that's neither here nor there since it would have been replaced sooner or later.

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Summons751013d ago

because no one is buying them because they are really unneeded.

DragoonsScaleLegends1012d ago

I would get a Vita if it was that cheap or under $100 and of course they made the memory card prices reasonable.

Christopher1012d ago

Probably because there will be some E3 announcement about them or PS Now or something else.

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ZaWarudo1013d ago

That's tempting but i don't think i need one.

mrbojingles1013d ago

I can't imagine they'll make this much longer. Maybe the bundle SKU does well enough to maintain a normal price but the stand alone seems to be a disease to retailers with how hard they're trying to get rid of them. Guess we know which SKU sells better.

gangsta_red1013d ago

They should just bundle it free with any new purchase of a PS4.

mrbojingles1013d ago

It might get to that point lol. If they had a PS4+PS TV+3 months PS Now Sub for say $399 that would be good.

KeplerNoMore1013d ago

It actualy went like that last month in the UK, sold out fast.

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The story is too old to be commented.