Flying Wild Hog Teases New Shadow Warrior Game, Incoming E3 Announcement

These past few days, Flying Wild Hog has been teasing a new Shadow Warrior game.

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BlackTar1871050d ago

nice really thought the first(reboot) was good.

Reibooi1050d ago

Yeah i thought it was criminally underrated. The only real thing I found lacking was variety in the enemies you fight but that would be easily fixed in a sequel.

Really excited about this I have been wondering for awhile what Flying Wild Hog was gonna do next and it's awesome to see we will be getting more Lo Wang(I would imagine he is in it)

camel_toad1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

"Shadow Bean? What the hell's a Shadow Bean?" I still chuckle when I think about that.

davemyrose921050d ago

Ohh shytt yea the reboot was good! Alot like serious Sam with demons!! I'm all for a sequel

MWH1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )