Xbox One v PS4: this time it's about hard drives

Microsoft and Sony both set to tweak their consoles as gamers tire of running out of storage space

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GoPanthers9991283d ago

1TB is an improvement, but still not enough. Kudos for both for trying to maintain price point and addressing a real issue. This will still only last most folks about 2 years with 40-50GB games.

Twill_1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


Why can't it be about games.

Bloodborne and Sunset Overdrive are fantastic exclusive games. People should be arguing about which one is better.

Uncharted and Halo are coming up. People should argue about which one will steal the show.

But nope. We argue about hard drives.

Spotie1283d ago

People DO argue about which games are better. Where have you been?

LamerTamer1282d ago

As far as HDD Xbox wins hands down due to supporting external drives. I prefer the PS4 over all but PS4 not having external HDD support is dumb.