Wander Dev Responds To MMO's Problematic PS4 Launch

When Wander launched last week on PC and PS4, it turned heads for all the wrongs reasons. Plagued by a raft of game-breaking issues and poor design choices, it was a wonder how the game had made it past Sony's testing.

After their article outlining the game's issues, TheSixthAxis has interviewed Wander's creative director, Loki.

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MysticStrummer991d ago

The guy's name is Loki.

No need to ask why there are problems.

Bad joke aside, I hope they can fix this up. I'd like to try it out but I won't as long as there are major problems. A demo would be nice too.

bask_in_glory991d ago

Same here. Would be nice to see a fully working Wander in the not-too-distant future.

TheUpbringer991d ago

I actually just discovered this game today and I was interested by the premise. Hope they can get it up and running well.

DanteVFenris666990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Interesting enough I only heard of this game because of its problems, and knowing it'll be eventually fixed it looks good enough for me to buy. The trailer looked really promising

Just goes to show there is no such thing as bad publicity. Unless your forking out millions to pay for good publicity