Female Link Could be Playable in Hyrule Warriors 3DS

The new reveal trailer and past tweets by Koei Tecmo may mean that there is a female Link coming to Hyrule Warriors 3DS

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Stevefantisy1166d ago

Cool I wonder if we will see more of her in other games?

Magnus7011166d ago

Since you'll be able to play the 3DS version with the Wii U version, there is a good chance that she will make her way to the console as well.

JoeIsMad1166d ago

Yeah, but will she make it to a REAL game, not just a port?

Magnus7011166d ago

@ JoelsMad

There is more leniency with mashups like this. In Dynasty Warriors Gundam, they were able to create all new characters. I'd figure that this would be the same case.

JoeIsMad1166d ago

I'd be more than happy to play as female Link. This could be a good measuring stick for any new directions with Nintendo as well.

Mykky1166d ago

indeed. I wouldn't be too surprised if you were able to play as either a female og male link in future zelda games. It wouldn't be too hard as link never speaks.

Jacktrauma1166d ago

That's awesome news! I would play it for sure!

Hoffmann1166d ago

But why would someone want to play as a female Link?

Hoffmann1166d ago

*scratches head*

Okay that explains it halfway but you see only his/her back almost the whole time in the game ever.

ThatArtGuy1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I said almost the exact same thing in your second post once, Hoffmann and was called a pervert and "in need of getting laid." LOL

I guess the people on N4G really like looking at guys backsides more than I do.

gangsta_red1166d ago

Same reason why there's a female Wolverine and a female Thor.

Fan service.

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The story is too old to be commented.