What to expect from Square Enix at E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and more

Here’s what you can expect to see (and not see) from Square Enix at this year’s E3.

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DualWielding1281d ago

Kingdom Hearts trailer, Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Remix announcement, Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Crisis Core coming to PSN, Western launch date for Bravely Second, Dragon Quest, and Dragon Quest Heroes, One New IP, one IP reboot and Deus Ex

DeadlyOreo1280d ago

I think they'll announce a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 remix collection for PS4.

showtimefolks1280d ago


wow you covered everything i wanted to say kudos lol

FF15 gameplay demo and a release date or a release window

dues ex demo/maybe a gameplay trailer

my thing is with almost all the big publishers hosting their own E3 conferences, is it a safe bet to assume as we move forward that sony and MS may only have their exclusive stuff at E3

also i believe we will hear something about FF7 remake or a spinoff

DarkZane1280d ago

Kingdom Hearts III probably won't appear except as a small trailer. They already said the next big reveal would be at D23 expo.

FFXV won't appear at all and the next big info blow out will be at gamescom where they start promoting the full game (which means the release isn't that far off now)

trenso11280d ago

Im excited if they are promoting it in August at gamescon then the release cant be anything the 6 months away from that which means a march or feburary release hopefully

MeteorPanda1280d ago

ff7 again on another console XD

davemyrose921280d ago

Omg for the very least maybe a release date for ff15. Yea that's not happening, at least show a nice gameplay video of sora in some new Disney world , with some gameplay, plz I really want kh3 more than any game everrr!!! I mean unless they go ahead and announce hl3 but that's not happening

skulz71280d ago

I know people are fed up of remakes but I would love Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 remix for PS4 to make the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 easier as the last time I played KH was on the PS2!

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