Edge Online Preview: Fracture

Edge Online writes: "As LucasArts' admirably experimental hill 'em up nears release, it's starting to look like a game that's split straight down the middle, a tectonic clash of alluringly risky innovation and staggering, arthritic cliché. It seems that LucasArts is scared that an audience will find the terrain-deforming gameplay unpalatably cerebral unless it's dressed up in a comfortingly apocalyptic familiarity: a mixture of shaven heads, gritty attitude and phonebook-thick armor that may turn into a devastatingly effective cloaking device when Fracture appears alongside a dozen other interchangeable epics at retail.

That would be a real tragedy, because Fracture isn't a bad game by any yardstick – in fact, it often provides sparkling firefights and contains some clever level design. LucasArts' most recent reveal – hands-on with the game's Alcatraz Island tutorial – is, in part, a testament to Fracture's ability to suck you in: we'd played through a hefty chunk before actual enemies had turned up, and we hadn't even noticed they'd been away."

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